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Two significant deals secured within one year of appointing an authorised dealer, Korindo Energy


SINGAPORE – Scania Singapore reported two significant deals for its marine engines this year, following the appointment of Korindo Energy as an authorised dealer from 1 January 2020.


“As one of the leading engines and propulsion solutions provider for the marine industry, Korindo Energy has deep industry knowledge and experience and network strengths,” said Anders Liss, Country Manager of Scania Singapore. “For the past year, we have seen Korindo Energy as a value-adding partner for Scania in Singapore, for our engines to gain more traction in the marine sector.”


Scania’s marine engines, together with the electrical systems and instrumentation, are type-approved by the leading classification associations – such as Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Registry and International Maritime Organization (IMO) – for safe and low-emission operations at sea. Similar to the engines that power Scania trucks and buses worldwide, they deliver power and torque with industry-leading reliability, quality and fuel-efficiency, assuring customers of maximum uptime and lower operating costs.


As an authorised dealer, Korindo Energy has been offering Scania’s range of 9- 13- and 16-litre high-speed engines for heavy-duty propulsion and auxiliary applications on marine vessels. The engines have met IMO Tier II or Tier III standards as testaments to their ability to minimise local emissions.


“Scania’s marine engines, which are small and compact with a high power-to-weight ratio, are attractive and ideal for a wide range of marine and industrial applications,” said Ishak Kadir, Managing Director of Korindo Energy. “The engines, which are a logical expansion of our product line, have been very well-received by the industry this first year. We expect more interest in the future.”


Korindo Energy has secured two significant deals for Scania marine engines with local shipbuilders during the year. In the first deal, Lita Ocean chose twin Scania DI13M engines when building 15-metre pilot boats for the Maritime & Port Authority. The pilot boats, with maximum speeds of 22 knots, are classed by Bureau Veritas and commissioned in August 2020.


In addition, Penguin International chose Scania DI16 077M engines to power its windfarm vessels built to the Incat Crowther 27 design. Each 27-metre vessel is equipped with four engines in a compact quad configuration, which provides greater flexibility to drive fuel economy and cost efficiencies. The quad Scania DI16 077M engines, producing 662kW of power, are capable of operating speeds in excess of 29 knots. The vessels will be sold to windfarm operators to support offshore windfarms in remote locations at sea.


The Scania engine range has also gained more industry exposure through three trade shows Korindo Energy participated in prior to the official appointment. They were showcased at SEA Asia, IMDEX Asia and IMOX Batam in 2019.


Headquartered in Singapore, Korindo Energy is a total energy solutions provider for the marine and energy industry. It provides a sustainable complete lifecycle solution to support customers throughout their projects’ stages. Korindo Energy provides propulsion engines, auxiliary generator sets and propulsion solutions to be used on a wide variety of marine vessels, covering commercial, offshore and defence sectors.

Anders Liss, Country Manager of Scania Singapore, reviews an installation with Ishak Kadir, Managing Director of Korindo Energy .

Anders Liss, Country Manager of Scania Singapore (left), with Ishak Kadir, Managing Director of Korindo Energy (centre), and Yeo Ying Da, Managing Director of Lita Ocean, on board the Maritime & Port Authority pilot boat, which is powered by two Scania DI13M engines.


The 15-metre pilot boat, built by Lita Ocean for the Maritime & Port Authority, is powered by two Scania DI13M engines.

The 27-metre wind farm vessel, built by Penguin International to the Incat Crowther 27 design, is powered by quad Scania DI16 077M engines.