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March 24, 2014 – Scania Singapore and their newly appointed dealer for Scania Engines, Xin Ming Hua Pte Ltd (XMH:SP) unveiled the latest engine platform at the Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) 2014. The engine showcased at the APM 2014 was the cutting edge Scania 13-litre inline engine. The Scania 9-litres inline and 16-litre V8 complete the range. With the new additions to the range, Scania Singapore and Xin Ming Hua Pte Ltd will provide customers with new opportunities to enhance efficiency, operational economy and environmental performance - without sacrificing power. Delivering up to 1,000 horsepower, the new generation of engines offers more power and flexibility than ever.


The rising sophistication of the marine industry’s needs reflects the growth of customers’ unique requirements and specifications. Fulfilling these needs calls for proven quality and the ability to customize both hardware and services. Scania Marine Solutions offer engines covering a variety of ratings and a range of options allowing complete flexibility of specification of both engines and auxiliary equipment.


Xin Ming Hua Pte Ltd is the subsidiary of XMH Holdings Ltd which is a Public Listed Company (XMH:SP) that has successfully developed their business as a supplier in the marine sector. XMH specializes in packaging propulsion systems and auxiliary gensets for marine application supported by extensive after-sales services to their customers. Common business values and customer driven commercial objectives shared by Scania Singapore and Xin Ming Hua Pte Ltd will allow Scania Engines development as a recognized brand in the marine industry offering premium engine products and after-sales services.


“Scania Singapore believes that Xin Ming Hua Pte Ltd will be successful in bringing Scania marine engines to discerning premium customers, especially in the workboats sector – both propulsion and auxiliary,” said Mark Cameron, Country Manager of Scania Singapore.


Scania is a world-class manufacturer of commercial vehicles, bus chassis and engines, renowned for their cutting edge safety technologies and comprehensive after sales services. Since the 1970s, Scania has been an active partner in Singapore’s evolution of its transportation system. In 2003, Scania Singapore Pte Ltd was established as a wholly owned subsidiary and celebrated its 10th anniversary last year.