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“Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, fellow colleagues will guide me along and share some of their ideas with me.” –(on right) Majid Abdul, Service Admin Coordinator at Scania Singapore.


April 25, 2014 – Scania Singapore received its first Enabling Employers Award in recognition of their support to the Singapore Workforce Development Agency’s Open Door Program (ODP) that encourages employment of People with Disability (PWD).


Singapore Enable is an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities into the workforce via referral services, grants and enhancing employability and employment options for potential employers.


Mark Cameron, Country Manager Scania Singapore said: “Scania’s prime consideration of recruitment ensures that the best candidate is chosen for the position on the basis of best fit for the role based on the person’s skills, qualifications and previous experience. This includes hiring persons with disabilities suitable for the role”.


HR Manager Esther Lim explains: “The hiring process is exactly the same, with the exception to ensure that any potential safety implications can be prevented and that employees are supported in thier work both mentally and physically”.


In the case of Majid Abdul, a Diploma holder in Mechatronics with a mild hearing impairment, he is teamed up in a buddy system. Colleagues are also educated to speak slower to him and to approach him from the front so as not to scare him. Scania Singapore have also installed safety beacon lights to ensure that in case of emergencies, he is still aware and can evacuate in a timely order. “Majid was the first PWD hired in the traineeship program. Given the higher risks in the workshop, it is imperative that we educate him on all external potential dangers to ensure he is aware and works in a safe environment. So far, he has been diligent in his work, is always eager to learn and completes his tasks on time” said Esther.


Facing challenges is part of Majid’s daily life but he has learnt to view challenge as a growth of knowledge and experience. “I analyse and gather information regarding the situation, weigh the negatives and positives and try my best to strike a balance,” said Majid. His mantra is to stay calm and cool, think positive and stay confident. Fellow colleagues have also provided ample support by being helpful, inclusive and taught him how to work more efficiently.


As Majid declares: “I love being a part of Scania Singapore, they are like my family who is always there to lend me a helping hand. I am proud to be working in this progressive and inclusive culture where the management is supportive of my personal well-being and growth”.