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From combustion engines to electricity – David made a smooth transition

08 JANUARY 2024

Battery development expert and chemist David Raymand embarked on a transformation journey that mirrors Scania's evolution. Once a senior in combustion engine development, David now stands as a prominent figure in battery technology.

The challenge for Scania as a manufacturer of combustion engines is to establish an electric powertrain on the same level as the products we are known for today. “We have the V8 as our role model, it’s reliable, likeable, and performs,” says Raymand. To gain detailed knowledge about batteries, we break everything down, analyse it and ask to cover every knowledge gap we might have. “We are this good because we have the right mindset. We can try, fail, and try again, a crucial element for delivering substantial results quickly.”  When someone tries something outside our core, it’s an easy transition as we have a common ground to handle deviations. It doesn’t take long to reach full performance.

Towards electrification

Scania had its electrification department for long, accumulating insights into the battery requirements for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Back when Euro6 was high on the agenda, David was the exact competence Scania needed, and his change in direction wasn't a whim. The tradition of tapping into available skills and redirecting them to where they were needed allowed David to take on a role in Scania's custom lithium-ion battery project. “Also, it coincided with all of my projects in combustion engine development coming to an end at the same time.” His mission is to bring Scania’s vouch for a premium product alongside our sustainability ambitions to the table in battery development. This was not a solo journey: “Electrification has grown. It is the direction we take, and I am not the only one making this transition.”

One of David’s strengths is that he is well-oriented when it comes to going from concept to actual product. Together with his colleagues, David ensures the battery performance translates seamlessly into their vehicles. “Nothing that is not working will go through those gates. We check, and we check and we check again.” The work is to make sure our customers will have what they want and need, not just what is available on the market at a given moment. Currently, David works in close collaboration with Northvolt. The battery cell in this project is custom-made for Scania’s vehicles, has a great potential and an extremely low climate impact.


David Raymand's journey from a combustion engine expert to a battery technology visionary shows Scania's commitment to change. As electrification continues to reshape the automotive industry, pioneers like David remain at the forefront of the electrifying revolution. “We have great ambitions but need to build on the experience, to work hard, and not take success for granted. We will get there, but increasing volume takes effort and control.”


You may wonder how Scania became David’s choice in the first place? It comes down to the family’s first brand new car: “It was a Saab-Scania, with the Griffin logo. This was a dream come true back in 1986. Maybe that is why I’ve always liked Scania.”