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An inspiring event with an urgent call to action

17 MAY 2024

Scania’s fourth Sustainable Transport Forum featured stark warnings on climate change, bold examples of industry leadership, and a rousing call to act before it’s too late for our rapidly warming planet.

The Scania Sustainable Transport Forum 2024 focused on the bold and brave steps we need to take in order to change our transport system for the better.


A global mix of transporters, transport buyers, partners, public policy-makers, suppliers and Scania employees gathered at Artipelag in the Stockholm Archipelago for the fourth instalment of this inspiring event.


There they were challenged, informed and encouraged by a range of experts and industry leaders whose ideas, decisions and actions are helping to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport ecosystem.

The event was hosted by Professor Johan Rockström, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, and Dr Lisen Schultz, Deputy Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Other speakers included sustainability experts from the likes of Electrolux, the City of Oslo and Colombia’s capital, leading industry voices from Pepsico, Havi Logistics and Northvolt, plus public policy experts.

Revolutionary batteries and green steel

Professor Rockström rallied the audience with a stark assessment of climate change – “I’ve never had more reason to be concerned than I am today,” he said - while Dr Schultz hailed the “extraordinary initiatives of industry leaders” to develop sustainable solutions.


There were also two keynote addresses at the start and end of the day from Scania’s CEO & President Christian Levin, who urged those attending to work together in sync to achieve our shared goals. He also sounded an optimistic note, saying, “Before when we spoke about sustainable transport it was an ambition; now it’s a case of ‘what are we doing now?’”


Then it was time to hear from a range of industry figures and others whose leadership on the climate question has seen them drive successful sustainable solutions in their sectors.


Revolutionary batteries, green steel, energy-saving products for consumers, dynamic sustainability policies, transport buying practices that drive decarbonisation, electric vehicles and charging solutions – all of this and more were discussed and debated at Artipelag conference centre in the Stockholm Archipelago.

In closing proceedings, Christian Levin called on those present to be vocal about the huge economic opportunities arising from embracing sustainable technologies, and, above all to be “stubborn” in their commitment to decarbonisation.


You can find out more information about Scania’s work with sustainable transport and our advocacy here.