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Scania at IFAT 2024 in Munich: Offering the means for sustainable cities

10 MAY 2024

Scania goes to IFAT 2024 with the aim of demonstrating how its portfolio can help solve the challenges that cities and municipalities are facing as they strive to become more sustainable. 


Scania has a complete and diverse offer for waste and recycling that can contribute in many respects, regardless of whether electrification, bio-methane or bio-diesel is the preferred energy source.


• Scania came to IFAT with its vast experience of urban solutions

• Electrification or renewable fuels? Scania offers every alternative

• It has never been easier to choose solutions for true de-carbonisation

• Sustainable, smart and safe solutions for municipalities

• Charging does not need to be an issue – ask Scania for guidance.


“For many years now our approach has been that there is no one-size-fits-all uni­versal solution available, and it will never come,” says Stefan Dorski, Senior Vice President, Head of Scania Trucks. “This belief is truly mirrored in our offer, which might be the broadest in the industry. We have all the relevant propulsion alter­natives, in combina­tion with a wide range of cabs, bodybuilder friendliness, and all the core power take off variants.”  
What Scania brought to IFAT 2024 certainly bears witness to this philosophy: the stand (FM 709/15) is brimming with examples of the diversity of solutions that Scania offers for municipalities. And Scania’s ambitions do not stop with the hard­­ware. Safety and driver environments that are ideal for municipality applications where good, direct vision from the cab is an absolute necessity are also on display, to­gether with Scania’s take on how these vehicles shall connect and com­municate in a productive and driver-friendly way via apps and Scania’s Smart Dash display.    
“We know from decades of experience how important the complete solution and the adaptation to the surrounding ecosystem are for the outcome,” says Mikael Schuer, Product Manager, Scania Trucks. “These solutions must fit effortlessly with the many different interfaces in the urban ecosystem. That means performing above average and frictionless in everything from getting the job done to protecting the driver, ped­estrians, cyclists and other, vulnerable road users.” 


Scania applies an ‘eyes on the road and hands on the wheel’-approach when deve­loping its solutions. The interface between the driver and the truck must offer the kind of integration and ergonomics that makes the manoeuvring of the truck itself and its different capabilities effortless and natural. 
Increased digitalisation and the use of cameras are of course supporting this, but the value of direct vision, cross-cab access and the feeling of being in control can never be replaced. It is also vital to avoid these digital solutions creating a cognitive overload or, perhaps even worse, over-reliance and complacency.  

Electrification without worries

Although many in the industry are looking into start using battery-electric vehicles in their daily operations, charging is still often cited as an issue. A lack of knowledge and experience tend to create hurdles that slow down the transformation to electrification. However, Scania offers charging solutions for depots that include everything from consultancy and hardware for charging stations, to financing and repair and maintenance, all seamlessly paired via premium digital services.
These charging solutions are complemented by Scania Charging Access, a new charging service that is also available for mixed fleets, which offers seamless access to a Europe-wide network of charging points that are suitable for trucks and buses. Scania Charging Access offers predict­able costs via a con­­venient in­voicing system with no hidden fees. 
“We see it as our obligation as a leading manu­facturer to guide our customers on their transformation journeys,” says Dorski. “Regardless if their optimal solution is electric or based on renewable fuels, we are ready to support them in the best possible way in a true partnership. This is of course nothing new for Scania – we have only broadened the scope of what we offer.” 

The following vehicles were exhibited at Scania’s stand (FM 709/15):
Bio-Methane | Alternative fuels
Refuse collector (chassis only): L 280 B6x2*4, biogas-powered truck with tanks for compressed gas.
BEV | Electrification 
Scania 40 R B6x2*4, battery-electric truck with 400 kW e-machine. Will be joined by a suitable charging station from Kempower. 
BEV | Electrification
A rigid truck without body-build. It displays Scania’s latest battery packs, the e-machine and its installation. Features Scania Smart Dash. 
ICE | Fuel-efficient truck 
Vacuum truck chassis: 420 P B 6X2*4. Chassis adapted for bodybuilders with the Super-based power­train, including the G25 Scania Opticruise gearbox.

* IFAT (International Federation for Alternative Trade)  Trade Fair in Munich, Germany happened from May 13 to 17, 2024.