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ALBA's sustainable waste management with Scania electric trucks

22 MAY 2024

ALBA W&H Smart City Pte Ltd, a public waste collector in Singapore, plays a significant role in the country’s recycling and waste management. They’ve implemented innovative solutions in sustainable waste management by deploying Scania electric trucks in the Woodlands-Yishun sector for general waste and recycling collection.

These trucks are designed to operate efficiently and quietly in densely populated areas, reducing noise and emissions in residential and commercial neighbourhoods. Reduced noise levels contribute to improved public satisfaction and heightened situational awareness.


Using electric trucks enables ALBA to meet its sustainability targets while ensuring safe and reliable waste collection services. Scania electric trucks were chosen for the operation because they are “able to handle similar high-energy route profiles as their diesel equivalents on a single battery charge with zero tailpipe emissions,” says Huang Shengye, Senior Manager of Maintenance/Fleet Management, ALBA W&H Smart City Pte Ltd.


The feedback from drivers has been favourable, affirming the effectiveness and reliability of these vehicles in daily operations. After completing their daily routes, the electric trucks are charged at the company's depot to maintain operational readiness. 


This investment in electric fleet technology enhances operational efficiency and safety and improves fleet management through data analysis. By leveraging the advanced Scania Fleet Management System, ALBA can analyse the vehicle's state of charge and endurance for better route planning. 



ALBA's deployment of Scania electric trucks for waste and recycling collection not only enhances the quality of life in densely populated areas but also establishes a new standard for environmental responsibility.


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