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When bigger is better - Scania XT with a 60-meter concrete pump

11 OCTOBER 2023

The Migliaccio Group in Italy was founded in the 1970s, a booming period in the building and construction industry. Today, Roberto Migliaccio has followed in the footsteps of his father Camillo and keeps running the business.

The first work performed by the Group was for the construction of the Business Center of Naples. It was something spectacular at the time, with only two 24-meter truck pumps. Today, the company faces a completely different reality, with a fleet of more than 200 vehicles. The largest is the Scania truck with its 60-meters concrete pump.

Prepared for all scenarios

“We purely do large kinds of work, such as realisations of subways and viaducts, like Pescara, a viaduct in Parma because we have concrete mixers and pumps that are suitable for these kinds of operations. For the most part, we transport and pump concrete,“ says owner Roberto Migliaccio. “Thanks to 40 years of experience, highly skilled workers, employees, and a variety of vehicles, we are able to cope with the most critical situations: weather adversity, impervious pavements, and tight spaces.”

The Scania XT

The Scania vehicle that was added to the fleet in 2022 has exceeded expectations: “The benefits of a Scania vehicle with a pump like this are many. We are among but a few that have such large pumps in Italy, and that makes us a popular choice since some work demand this size. It means we can work faster, “ Migliaccio adds. The Scania truck has five axles and is huge when it comes to size, but very slender in the movements, and easy to operate. “We were advised to try Scania, and I must say, in the year we’ve had it – zero problems. Also, the fuel consumption is excellent. And then we can bring concrete from 60 meters up with it, it’s unbeatable.”

The Migliaccio Group is constantly investing in more cutting-edge technologies.  This has made them one of the most sought-after companies in the Italian concrete conveying and pumping field. The headquarters is in Bologna, but their presence is clearly visible also in Milan, Genoa, La Spezia, and Naples. The number of workshops and warehouses connected to Migliaccio ensure a rapid availability of all vehicles, with maximum efficiency.


As Migliaccio is one of few companies that can take on certain jobs, it relies on the machines being able to always operate. “That is also one reason for choosing Scania. We receive great quality for our money,” Migliaccio concludes.