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Scania presents new and empowered solutions at Bauma

24 OCTOBER 2022

As the Bauma trade fair for construction starts in Munich on 24 October, Scania will be there to showcase the newly launched inline engine platform for the first time.


Scania brings several products to the fair, among them is the Next Generation 13-litre DC13 engine for industrial operations and power generation. On display in the stand will also be the E-machine and battery for electrified power solutions. Scania is known to be a reliable supplier of power solution engines and now our products are even more sustainable. Scania’s Connected Services are not only designed to ensure you get top class performance from your solution, but also top class maintenance and support. We have also made services a natural add-on to our deliveries, hence Connected Services will also be visible in the stand.  

There will also be a possibility to experience the Next Generation 11-litre DC11 engine via augmented reality. To have the new engine platform at the fair is a highlight: “This is our most fuel-efficient engine platform ever, with more torque, more power and up to 50 percent longer base engine lifespan,” says Pär Olof Åhlin, Product Manager, Power Generation, Scania. 


Scania’s new platform carries the performance and reliability that customers are used to from Scania, but with added CO2 emission reductions. “We want to empower a more sustainable future, and the leading position we have in trucks and buses now expands to industrial power,” Åhlin adds.


A shift towards sustainability has definitely reached the construction segment. And as long as combustion engines are still in use – and they will be in the foreseeable future - their climate impact should be improved. That is why Scania takes the lead to decrease how they affect the climate. “You will see this in the non-road mobile machinery and earth moving equipment powered by Scania, and it is truly obvious in our new engine platform,” says Mert Uzel, Product Manager Industrial, Scania.


Italian specialist in rental gensets, Bruno Generators Group, has collaborated with Scania before, and will do it once again at this year’s Bauma. This time, by showing a field test 13-litre DC13 engine of Scania´s new platform installed in one of their applications.