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General Terms & Conditions

21 NOVEMBER 2022


All Sales are made subject to the following terms and conditions. Neither the receipt by the company of any buyer's purchase order upon the company's quotation or other document nor the failure by the company to object to any provision therein, shall have the effect of changing in any manner or adding to the terms and conditions hereof or be construed as an acceptance thereof.



The delivery date Is a bona fide estimate but we do not accept liability for delays in delivery or for non-delivery from any cause. Unless the cause of delay shall frustrate or render impossible or illegal the performance of the order or shall otherwise discharge the same goods are to be accepted and paid for, notwithstanding any delay caused by shortage of labour, materials or essential services or by breakdown of machinery strikes, lockouts, government restrictions, war, riot or other cause whatsoever beyond our control.



Unless otherwise specified the prices are quoted ex works' and the goods will be at the purchaser's risk from time of leaving our works. Costs of packaging, crating, freight, and delivery from the works will be to the purchaser's account unless otherwise specified.



In the absence of definite instructions from the purchaser, insurance cover will not be arranged.




Unless otherwise specified the prices quoted do not include sales tax or other Government Impositions. All sales tax and revenue duties of all kinds will be for the purchaser's account.



Full payment to be received by Scania Singapore Pie.Ltd. on or before date of delivery, the only exception being an amount covered by a formal release letter from a recognised financial institution. It is hereby agreed that if the buyer should on his part fail to observe or comply with any of the stipulations herein contained, the said deposit shall be forfeited to the seller by the way or liquated damages and the seller shall be at liberty (on his account) to sell or otherwise deal with or dispose of the said goods in such manner as it may deem fit. And very deficiency in price which may result in and all expenses attending a resale or attempted resale shall be made good and paid by the buyer and recoverable by the seller as liquidated damages (the buyer receiving credit for the deposit. Any increase of price on a resale shall belong to the seller.



All goods manufactured by us are warranted against faulty workmanship, materials or design for a period of twelve months from date of dispatch ex works with the exception of any item where such item Is not of our manufacture in which case only the warranty, if any, of the original manufactured by us is limited to the replacement of faulty components and the fitting of the replacements components if the equipment Is returned to our workshop. No further liability is accepted.

The warranties given by the company do not cover, and the company makes no warranty with respect to:-


a)    Failure not reported to the company within the warranty period above specified.


b)    Failures or damage due to mis-application, abuse, improper installation or abnormal conditions of temperature, dirt or corrosive matter.


c)    Failure due to operation, either intentional or otherwise above rated capacities or in another improper manner.


d)    Equipment which has in any way been tempered with or altered by anyone other than an authorized representative of the company.


e)    Equipment damage In shipment or without the fault of the company.


f)    Expenses incurred by the buyer in an attempt to repair or re-work any allegedly defective equipment.


g)    Losses, costs, expenses, liabilities and damages(lncluding loss of profit, all llabllities of the buyer to its customer or third persons and ail other         consequential damages), whether direct or Indirect, and whether or not resulting from or contributed to by the default or negligence of the         company, its agents employees and sub-contractors which might be claimed as the result of the use of failure of the equipment delivered.


There is no further warranty, either expressed or implied, In connection with the design, sales or use of any of the company's products except as to title, and the company's liability on its warranty shall in no event exceed the cost of correcting defects in the equipment sold. NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PURPOSE SHALL APPLY. The Company does not warranty any equipment other manufacturers, designated by the Buyer.



If the purchaser makes default In payment or fails to carry out any part of the contract or calls a meeting of creditors or assigns his estate for the benefit of creditors or commits an act of bankruptcy or being a company has a petition presented or a resolution passed for winding up or receiver appointed we may at our option notwithstanding any previous waiver or such default or failure and without prejudice to our rights and remedies, suspend or cancel the sale of required payment in cash before or In delivery notwithstanding the terms of payment specified.



In addition to any right of lien to which we may by law be entitled we shall in the event of purchaser's Insolvency be entitled to a general lien on all goods of the purchaser in our possession (although such goods or some of them may have been paid for) for the unpaid price of any other goods sold and delivered lo the purchaser by us under the same or any other sale.



The quotation will lapsed on the expiration of thirty days from the date hereof, subject to there being no unscheduled escalation of material costs.



Unless otherwise specified the prices quoted do not Include sales tax or other Government impositions. All sales tax and revenue duties of all kinds will be for the purchaser's account.



In the event of any unscheduled material cost Increased after the order has been placed and before delivery the company reserves the right to reopen negotiations with the Purchaser to adjust the selling price.



All quotations are made and all orders are accepted by the Company with reference to the laws of Singapore and the rights and duties of all persons.


And the construction and effect of all provisions hereof shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of this country.



In all quotations the Singapore dollar will prevail and conversion rates to other currencies will be at the rates applicable at the time of issue of Invoice.



Signing this quotation would mean that the general terms and conditions for the Scania Fleet Management Services have been read and that Scania Group and/or its subsidiaries are allowed to activate the communicator that is installed in the vehicle; and that the data is being used in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 in Singapore.



Signing this quotation would mean that you agree to the following:


The Personal Data Protection Act 2012 is currently being enforced. Scania respects the privacy of individuals and only collects or manage any personal data that has been provided to Scanla voluntarily by the Individual concerned. Scanla complies with national data protection laws that control the use and the collection of data.


Your name, phone number, e-mail address and postal address may be given to third parties including but not limited to Scania Group of Companies for analysis, or In order to be able to respond to an enquiry or to solicit your feedback for product and service Improvement. Data will otherwise only be used to follow up on sales and product development including periodic updates. If at any time you wish to update your data or you no longer wish for Scania lo use your data for the above purpose, please email us at