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A loyalty programme should be loyal to customer’s business profitability. A loyalty programme should also be loyal to customer’s business environment. Most importantly, Scania will continue to support customer’s business and environment for the long-term… forever… for life… for good.


Welcome to Scania For Good Loyalty Programme. The more you buy from Scania, the more you get in return... for your business, for the planet.



How do I take part:

  1. Buy any Scania products and services (“Products & Services") starting from 1 July 2023 onwards, update your email address with us and you will automatically qualify to be on Scania For Good Loyalty Programme (“Programme”) and earn Loyalty Points.
  2. Read & understand the Programme Terms and Conditions ("Terms”) below.

How can I earn Loyalty Points:

As of 1 October 2023:

What Can I Redeem With My Loyalty Points:

As of 1 February 2024:

How Do I Redeem My Loyalty Points:

  1. Accumulate 3,000 and above Qualified Available Loyalty Points to start your redemption.
  2. Visit any authorised Scania redemption centre.
  3. Request to redeem your Qualified Available Loyalty Points.
  4. To enjoy the next redemption, you need to have 3,000 and above Qualified Available Loyalty Points to start your redemption.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Scania reserves the right:
    • to cancel, terminate or suspend this Programme at any time without prior notice;
    • to amend, delete, add or change any terms and conditions of this Programme, without prior notice; 
    • to change or substitute any of the redemption items with another item of similar value;
    • to disqualify you from participating the Programme if you have committed or are suspected of committing any fraudulent or wrongful acts involving Scania’s products and services.
    • to disqualify your Loyalty Points if full payment of respective products and/or services are not made.
    • to decline any Redemption request if there are insufficient Qualified Available Loyalty Points to Redeem
  2. Scania’s decision on all matters relating to this Programme shall be final and binding.
  3. Loyalty Points can only be awarded to end customers.
  4. Loyalty Points are not redeemable for products and services that are on top of another promotion. Loyalty Points are not transferrable nor exchangeable with cash.
  5. Loyalty Points earned by each company is non-transferable to other companies.
  6. You may use and redeem the Loyalty Points after 180 days of invoice date of any Products and Services. Any Loyalty Points that were not utilised after 540 days will be expired and forfeited. 
  7. Customers with Qualified Points Available to Redeem can perform redemption at any authorised Scania redemption centre.
  8. Request to redeem Qualified Available Loyalty Points must be requested to Scania's Customer Service Advisor before any issuance of invoice. Redemption cannot be performed after invoice is issued.
  9. Loyalty Points redemption cannot be used for any items other than the one stipulated in this Programme.
  10. Customer must remit remaining payment of the Total Amount Payable including GST as reflected in invoice after deduction of Loyalty Points redemption, if any.
  11. Loyalty Points redemption can only be requested by an authorised representative from the company awarded Loyalty Points, as reflected on customer's Monthly Statement and are subject to verification.
  12. Customer's company name reflected in the invoice issued by any authorised Scania redemption centre containing Loyalty Points redemption must be the same company name being awarded Loyalty Points.
  13. Once a redemption has been performed at any authorised Scania redemption centre, customers are not allowed to reverse, cancel or change the redemption.
  14. The respective and individual Terms & Conditions of the specific item redeemed with Loyalty Points will still apply.
  15. Customers are required to check your Monthly Statement to reconcile your Points Earned Pending Qualification, Qualified Points Earned, Qualified Points Available to Redeem, Qualified Points Redeemed, and Qualified Points Expired, and notify a Scania representative if there is any discrepancy in the amount of Loyalty Points within 14 days.
  16. By joining this Programme, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the Terms.