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New solution aims to provide easy access to public truck charge points

Public charging of trucks doesn’t have to be complicated. Scania’s new service, Charging Access, has been created to make the process easier for both drivers and the haulage companies’ finance departments.

Access to charge points for electric trucks whenever and wherever they are needed is crucial for an electrified transport operation. Public charging can often be the final piece of the puzzle in enabling haulage companies to electrify their entire fleet.


In response to this challenge, Scania can now present an initiative that will help transport companies take the first step in their electrification journey: Scania Charging Access.

Providing best availability of truck charge points

The new Scania service aims to provide hauliers with a reliable network of charge points for trucks along their haulage routes. Ultimately, all the customer’s charging needs will be managed in one place, no matter who is operating the different charge points in their region. 


“Our mission is to provide the broadest network and best availability of truck charge points. We are starting the roll-out to the first markets from mid-October,” says Agnes Nilsson, Business Development Manager for Charging Access. 


The network of truck charge points in Europe is growing fast. One example is the Milence initiative, which includes Scania. Milence has set a target of at least 1,700 high-performance fossil-free charge points next to and close to highways and logistics hubs across the continent by 2025.


“We invite all our customers to join us on the journey and follow how the network is being expanded with more and more truck charging stations and charging operators,” adds Nilsson.

Simpler public charging for drivers

Here’s how Scania Charging Access works:

  • The transport company signs up for the service, often as one piece of a tailor-made Scania charging solution.
  • Each driver gets a Charging Access card. This makes it possible for the driver to access all stations available in our network instead of using several different cards and apps they have previously used for charging. 
  • The driver can check the Scania app while they are on the road to see charging stations for heavy vehicles along their routes.
  • Customers have a simple overview of use and billing through Scania’s digital portal My Scania, making the administration process easier.
  • Once a month, the finance department gets a consolidated invoice showing all the charging sessions that have taken place.

“This will speed up the electrification of heavy transport”

Agnes Nilsson is convinced Scania’s initiative will help accelerate the European transition towards electrified road transport by making it easier to find, use and pay for public charging.


“The commercial transport industry and our customers have been waiting for an initiative of this kind and calibre,” she says. 


“The charging environment is very scattered today, but our initiative is all about bringing clarity, peace of mind and improved opportunities by offering the different networks via a single platform.” 

Great response from customers testing service

Some Scania customers have already been testing Charging Access in their daily operations for several months. One of the participating customers has about 30 drivers who are using Charging Access. Agnes Nilsson says there has been a very positive response from this haulier.


“The drivers are very pleased that they only need one card for charging at all stations available in the service and that they can find the stations along their routes directly in the Scania Driver app. The company’s finance department appreciates the predictable pricing and the single consolidated invoice. Instead of the five to six invoices that they had before from different providers, they now get everything on one monthly invoice, saving a lot of administration,” she says.

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