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100% Uptime

Scania ProCare is a new premium uptime service from Scania, which all but eliminates the risk of unplanned stops. For operations where delivery precisions and high planned uptime is critical for staying a trusted partner, Scania ProCare can offer 100% planned uptime.


Built on the foundation of Scania’s Flexible Maintenance, Scania ProCare combines flexible and non-disruptive off-peak maintenance with proactive vehicle health analysis and 24/7 vehicle health monitoring. This includes preventive replacement of components before they cause disruption to your operations – keeping your Scania truck on the road for longer, mile after mile. 

Premium uptime experience

Taking Scania’s uptime commitment to an entirely new level, Scania ProCare is the premium vehicle maintenance choice for all Scania vehicles built from 2019 and onwards – from large international fleets to individual vehicle contracts.


As a connected premium service, Scania will also manage service planning for you, using data intelligence and continuously keeping track of your vehicle's status, and letting you know when it’s time to plan for maintenance. For example, while a major engine breakdown could result in several days of downtime, the same root cause could potentially be solved in just a few hours with Scania ProCare. Not only can this give you peace of mind, but it also allows you to invest more focus where it matters – on your business. 

Scania Procare

Intuitive preventative maintenance

With a ProCare contract, your Scania connected vehicle will continuously report its technical status directly to Scania in real-time. By combining your vehicle’s data with Scania’s extensive and unique operational diagnostic data – gathered over many years – Scania will detect and proactively diagnose and resolve any potential downtime risks long before they begin to impact your operations.

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