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Repair and maintenance contracts

One-stop shop

With Scania's repair and maintenance contracts your vehicle or engine is in the safest possible hands. From powertrain protection to full bumper to bumper coverage or bodywork and auxiliary equipment – it’s all covered.


  • A contract is a service that Scania offer to the customers for specific terms and conditions for a specified period
  • Provides Service solution to the customers as a package with pre-defined price, content and duration
  • Contracted services is an option


  • Provide services and repair as and when required
  • A dedicated workforce of skilled and certified technicians
  • Usage of genuine parts and SGO (Scania Genuine Oil) which enhances the performance and reduces the risk of failure
  • Usage of standard tools and equipment for service / repair
  • Comprehensive preventive checks for all service which reduces the risk of failure/ breakdown
  • Documentation of Services & Repairs and process development
  • Reduced Downtime- The long term holistic approach of a contract can allow for downtime planning, ensuring scheduled maintenance, occurs in the least disruptive times in the operational schedule

Expertly done

From a minor replacement to a major repair, every part of your Scania vehicle or engine will be repaired quickly and to the highest quality, to ensure maximum uptime.

Early detection

With detecting potential failures early you avoid secondary faults, unplanned stops and major repairs.

Peace of mind

As well as all planned maintenance, Scania contracts include all repairs of wear and tear parts. So there won’t be any unexpected costs and you can manage your cashflow with confidence.

When the unexpected happens

If you experience problems on the road you are always close to a workshop with our extensive service network with 1,900 workshops.

More uptime

An unplanned breakdown can mean lost business while your vehicle is off the road. Scania contracts get your vehicle or engine repaired quickly to the highest quality, so your uptime is not compromised.