SCANIA’s success is based on our core values and our management system supported by our main principles, as described in the Scania Code of Conduct.  We want to encourage an open speak up culture and the whistleblowing programme is part of that journey.


The Group Compliance Program provides a framework which supports the organisation to raise awareness and knowledge within the area of business ethics, and to manage and mitigate risks of non-compliance. In case where violations of laws or violations of the Code of Conduct occur, the whistleblowing channels available for employees and third parties are an effective way to act on such potential breaches. Whistleblowers are protected and we do not tolerate retaliation, pressure or discrimination against whistleblowers as described in Scania Group Policy no 20.


There are different channels available to whistleblowers to report potential regulatory violations confidentially, worldwide and  if desired, anonymously:


Internal Reporting Channels:  Direct Manager, HR Function, Group Compliance,  Group Internal Audit


External Reporting Channels:

  • Investigation Office at TRATON
  • “Speak up!” Portal 
    (Available languages: Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese-BR, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish)The whistleblower can choose to submit the hint via Speak up! anonymously. Files related to the incident can be uploaded on the secure portal. The Traton Investigation Office will contact the whistleblower for further actions or questions via the Speak up! portal guaranteeing  anonymity if requested.
  • “24/7 Volkswagen Whistleblower hotline” numbers:

    +49 5361 946300 (Please note international call charges may apply)


    +800 444 46300 (Dial international access code + number). This is a toll-free number and internationally accessible from selected countries.


The 24/7 Volkswagen Whistleblower hotline is available all the time.  The hotline uses a secured transfer channel from a call centre to the TRATON Investigation Office.


(Available languages; Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese-BR, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Russian. (Additional languages will be available soon))


As regards whistleblowing in Sweden, certain specific limitations apply regarding reporting through specifically established reporting channels, such as direct reporting to the Investigation Office at TRATON, the Speak Up! Portal and the 24/7 Volkswagen Whistleblower hotline” telephone numbers (the “External Reporting Channels”).


The External Reporting Channels shall only be used for reporting if the information relates to persons in key-positions or management positions within Scania or VW and the information includes suspicions that the person in question has been participating in serious irregularities relating to accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, fight against bribery, banking and financial crime or other serious irregularities relating to Scanias’s  vital interest or individuals life and health