We know your industry, understand how your business works, and what risks you face. Your business continuity must always be protected. Our insurance specialists know how to do this. From one car to a whole fleet. New and used. Get top-notch financial risk protection for your business.


We will fit into the way you work. We will optimize cost financing, cash flow and tax management to create the best financial plan for your business. And when one of your vehicles goes off the track, your insurance policy will reverse downtime during uptime.


By skillfully combining the services provided, we optimize your business and administrative costs. You are offered the full support of our team of specialists who can provide assistance in resolving claims - and confidence in the quality of our services and efficiency.

Reliable work

Our insurance services are based on uptime. It is about putting cars back into operation immediately after an accident and, first of all, preventive maintenance services in order to prevent road accidents. All of this strengthens your business and increases your income.

Scania Insurance is a comprehensive offer specially designed for owners of financed vehicles and their own fleet.

The widest list of risks is already contained in our basic offer, including such specific risks as soil subsidence for dump trucks, when at the time of unloading due to uneven rock spreading, a dump truck can tip over. Among other things, we also offer:

  • Repair at service stations of official Scania dealers with original spare parts (including trailers).
  • Expedited claims settlement compared to standard insurance conditions: claim registration through Scania using copies of documents sent by e-mail; specialist advice on completeness and correctness of filling out documents; providing feedback to the client on the process of coordinating a work order between the insurance company and the service station; assistance in resolving disputable situations
  • Possibility of non-franchise insurance (including glass replacement). 
  • Extended coverage including, but not limited to, off-road coverage
  • The ability to supplement your insurance policy with such services as "Evacuation" in the territory of the Russian Federation, the CIS and the EU, as well as "Avarkom", which will provide assistance at the scene of an accident and assist in collecting the necessary documents