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Gas Truck


Our range of gas powered trucks are highly adaptable with great driveability and low fuel consumption and a driving range up to 1700 km. The range goes from city and regional transports to include also long haulage applications.


It’s no secret that transport is a major source of fossil CO2 emissions. But being a major source also comes with the ability to achieve major reductions.

Engineering without compromise

Our gas trucks strike the perfect balance between low emissions, power and range – the 13-litre gas engine with its full potential for long haulage, construction, and urban operation, and the smooth, quiet powerhouse that is the 9-litre. Together, they enable us to offer clean, tailor-made fleet solutions.


The first thing to say is that both gases are methane and the source can be both biogas based on organic waste or natural gas, to be used in parallel, making any switch from one to the other a straightforward and easy transition. The key point is that gas has different energy densities in different states. One unit of liquid gas energy takes up 3 times less volume than one unit of compressed gas energy. Simply, this means liquefied gas is denser and you can, therefore, get more energy on a vehicle than with compressed gas.

Empowered engines

Scania gas engines are known for their fuel efficiency. a typical semi-trailer truck with a gross weight of up to 40 tonnes can drive 1,100 kilometres without refuelling under favourable conditions. With twin fuel tanks on a rigid truck, the range is approximately 1,700 kilometres. With biogas in the tanks, CO2 reduction can be as much as 90 percent compared to a similar diesel engine.



Valencia-based Delgo Transport specialises in refrigerated transports at both a national and international level. Today, just a year after acquiring their first liquefied natural gas truck, half of the company’s fleet of 110 trucks runs on LNG, and, so far, Managing Director Félix González likes what he sees.


“When we found out Scania made gas trucks, 80 percent of the decision was made,” he says. “And the results we’ve had have been better than what we had on paper. Better consumption levels, and fewer emissions of course.”

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