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Today the transport sector is a major source of CO₂ emissions from fossil fuels. This means the transport sector is ideally placed to reduce emissions. Scania is leading the way with our ground-breaking Ecolution approach.


estimated CO₂ reduction when switching to HVO

25.25 m

Longer truck and trailer combination can significantly reduce CO₂ emissons. Two trucks replace three.

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Ecolution by Scania is our most comprehensive and powerful means of improving your fuel economy. It's an all-round approach to powertrain and vehicle, and it gets results.


​Our view of transport enables us to engineer low-carbon solutions founded on three cornerstones: alternative fuels, energy efficiency and smarter transport

Alternative fuels​

Scania offers the widest range of ready-to-go gas, hybrid, bioethanol, biodiesel and HVO engines that satisfy Euro 6 requirements.

Energy efficiency

Scania Euro 6 engines are economical, reduce emissions and increase performance. We've also developed a hybrid concept vehicle that can cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 92%.

Smarter transport

Fleet composer is a unique Scania tool that can optimise any given transport fleet with the right choice of alternative fuels. It works seamlessly with Scania's fleet management system and connected services to deliver smarter transport.


Our target is not a green image. It´s getting results from our efforts.

Josef Zettel

Head of Logistics, Coop, Switzerland


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