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Elegant and dynamic

Comfortable and robust

The new G-series range of Scania trucks brings a distinctive combination of comfort and elegance inside and out. Offering unique storage options as well as a spacious cab, making it easy to move around.

Outstanding comfort

“The overall driving comfort of this new truck is fantastic. I was always happy with the comfort of Scania trucks, but this one is outstanding, it drives beautifully straight."

Uwe Sommer

Field test driver

Your office. Your rules

From the front upper storage to advanced brake performance, Scania’s new generation of trucks is designed to work for you. This principle has led us to create major improvements in interior space, vision and safety – so you can call the shots.

Driver area
Exterior design

Optimal driver area

Scania's starting point when designing the new G-series cab interior was to optimise the driver’s position and the modular instrument panel. And with a larger display, improved graphics and intuitive controls at your fingertips, you can keep your full attention on the challenge ahead.

Improved visibility

Features such as the new positioning of the driver seat, lowered side window, new slim design of the A-pillars and a larger surface area of glass, bring a whole new level of visibility.

The dashboard has also been lowered slightly to enhance forward visibility.


Cab comfort

The cab has been totally redesigned, including the cab suspension systems reducing vibration and maximising comfort. The new work station has been improved with more adjustment possibilities and ergonomic features for the drivers to find the perfect driving position.

My daytime office

A premium working cab with easy access, generous storage options and world-class resting possibilities. With an optimised dashboard and on-board entertainment, life on the road just got more comfortable.

Refreshed after rest

It is vital to have the possibility of recharging your batteries on hard and long working days. In the new generation Scania you can choose between a wide range of comfortable resting and sleeper options.

Interior storage
Exterior storage

Storage options

Considerable front roof storage with the new normal roof for the day cab, together with the new storage bar on the rear wall featuring plenty of space to store helmets, gloves and other belongings. 

The rear-wall storage module enables items to be stored in an orderly way to make it easy to find the right things when needed, resulting in a tidy and pleasant working environment. 

Tailor the storage after your needs. 

External storage

Smart storage space that can be accessed from both inside and outside the cab. Available for both day and sleeper cabs.



Front, roof, side, underbody – all areas have been analysed, redesigned and optimised to achieve the lowest possible air drag. The shape of the cab and its corners, and all gaps and angles, have been narrowed and streamlined to achieve more efficient air flow and dynamic flow of lines.

Great visibility

Lighting is one of the most prominent features of your truck, enhancing both its appearance and safety levels. Position lights and extra lights are integrated into the cab, and for tough conditions trucks can be fitted with extra headlamp protection.

Designed for smart driving

The G-series trucks offer a world-class driver experience with an increased number of interior and exterior options for even smarter driving.


Safety and Visibility

Make it yours

Chassis, engine, cab – the new G-series can be configured to meet the demands of your business, from engine output and frame strength to chassis height and suspension systems.


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