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Dedicated workshops

Scania's dealer operating standard

We make your business our priority

Our aim is to offer you the same high level of dedicated service wherever you are. This includes our highly trained service technicians, as well as fully equipped workshops with special tools and computerised diagnostic tools.

To ensure a high and even service level we have standards that our network complies to as Scania representatives, for example full warranty on parts and labour, invoicing in English or local language. We continuously monitor our network and support them to achieve our dealer operating standard on each market.

Trained to keep you on the road

Our technicians are trained to deliver the highest quality workshop services. By optimising the service and quality for your vehicle we ensure your focus is on your business. Scania's regular checkpoint routine, open approach and an international network of more than 1,600 workshops delivers uptime to businesses worldwide.

Innovation and product improvements as well as new services and advanced vehicle systems place demands on technicians to continuously maintain and improve skills. Scania's ongoing investment and training programmes ensure our technicians can exceed your expectations, keeping up with developments and innovations, managed and monitored by the Scania Academy program.

Scania Diagnos & Programmer

With the help of our computerised fault-tracing system – Scania Diagnos & Programmer – we can quickly and accurately spot any potential problems. The programme communicates with Scania vehicles and industrial and marine engines and is used for:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Adjusting customer parameters
  • Calibrations
  • Conversions affecting the electrical system
  • Updating software in control units

Parts availability

Parts availability is one of the most important factors in transport productivity.

Availability, Professionalism, Value and Quality

Scania's Parts logistics network is one of the most advanced in the world. There are about 140,000 Scania Parts in our inventory. And every part can be delivered to just about any crossroad in Europe – within 24 hours.

Scania Service Exchange parts

In addition to new parts, Scania offers a broad range of factory reconditioned parts -- so-called exchange components -- for truck, bus and engine application. Exchange components have the same warranty conditions as regular spare parts.