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With the Control package, you can track and monitor your fleet from any computer using the Fleet Management Portal.

With the Control Package you get 24-hour access to key fleet details directly through the Scania Fleet Management Portal. Add our Messaging Service and you can also communicate more easily and efficiently with your drivers.

Unlike the Monitoring Package, you can sort, filter and generate reports for analysis. Pick and choose what details are important and follow performance trends over time.

Take control over your fleet with real time tracking

Thanks to the map functionality you enjoy an overview of your fleet's positions and vehicles current status – driving, resting or loading. Tracking is a valuable and easy way to monitor vehicle routes. Click on a vehicle to get further details, GPS positioning, fuel level in percentage, odometer reading and more.

Receive trends analysis and exception reports

The Traffic Light report shows both driver and vehicle results for any period. A green light indicates that targets have been met. This is a great way to identify and indicate the details that matter. Often the details that matter are the deviations from the norm. With the Exceptions Report you are quickly presented with the details that demand attention.

Geofencing for increased control

The geofencing function triggers an alarm if a vehicle enters or leaves a pre-determined geographical zone. This can be useful for knowing exactly when, for example, a truck is approaching a depot or a vehicle is used for unauthorised driving. Contact your Scania representative to sign up for the Control Package.

Easy communication across your fleet

Our Messaging Service offers quick and easy communication across your fleet and workforce through instant messaging. Communication can take place through both our app and the portal. Sharing text, photos and positions increases efficiency and reduces downtime and for further peace of mind, the system also offers traceability and safe storage of historical communication.