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Site optimisation

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Eliminate waste

The core of Scania Site Optimisation is to implement tools and methods to increase efficiency in real mining situations, based on the lean principles. We will work together with you towards continuous improvements and implementation to ensure optimal productivity and operating cost.


By measuring cycle time (queuing, waiting, workshop etc.) we identify bottlenecks and what actions to take to improve time.


Overloading increases risks, cycle time and cost for repair & maintenance. Through optimising load and loading area you increase producticity.


Bad roads take a toll on equipment, productivity, and driver comfort and leads to increase safety risks as well as higher fuel consumption.


Wrong equipment, spillage, bad road conditions and many other factors could lead to safety incidents and possibly disrupt your production.


Smaller weight to payload ratio, elimination of queuing and overloading, these all leads to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Efficiency in the process means less waste and resources need for productivity.

Our approach

Current situation

In order to understand the process, we need to create a mirror of the operation, establish the baseline of the normal situation to measure our improvements on. This can be done through value stream mapping, interviews with different stakeholders, vehicles’ telematics, workshop process, and visualisation of the key areas.

Improvement potential

By establishing the current “normal situation”, we create room for improvements. Together with you we will work on the key areas of improvements that will affect the entire operation, thus eliminate sub-optimisation.


The most challenging part to any project is the making sure the implementation works and the mindset remains. Here, we turn potential into progress. We will work together to prioritise and plan, set timeline and action items, and create ways to measure relevant time, load, road, safety, sustainability, capex, opex, factors.

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