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Proctor & Gamble reduces emissions

“Truck data fantastic for measuring carbon emissions”

As a “fast-moving” consumer goods company that manufactures, sells and distributes its products across many different regions, Procter & Gamble is all too aware of its carbon footprint.

“In my division, we’re working to reduce our environmental impact and, of course, we want to reduce the number of miles driven,” says Antonio Malvestio, President of the Freight Leaders Council, Procter & Gamble. “And we’re doing that through compaction of the product and by increasing the cube fill rate. But we also want to work with CO2 directly, so we are exploring different calculation methods and trying to see every day how much we put into the environment.”

Malvestio was particularly taken with how Scania monitors the daily performance of trucks and all the data that can be gathered. “It would be ideal to have lots of information on the actual CO2 produced on each trip. Imagine receiving all the information about the kilometre load but also the CO2 produced by that specific load? That would be fantastic.”