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Aircraft in Argentina

Scania helps aircraft project take flight

Two Scania engines are currently ensuring that Argentina’s main aircraft manufacturer can continue to build parts for a new transport aircraft without being disrupted by economically damaging power outages.

The Fábrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA), Aircraft Factory of Argentina, is producing parts for a prototype of what will be a new transport aircraft for Brazilian company Embraer.

As part of the investment plan for the project, FAdeA is using two generators, each with a Scania engine, as backups for the production processes in case of any power outages.

The project began in 2011 when FAdeA signed a contract with Embraer to provide six sections of the new transport aircraft. These sections include a rack for electronic equipment located between the cockpit and the cabin, the nose gear door, the tail cone and the six meter high loading door.

Keeping cool under pressure

For these parts, a product called composite is required which needs to be stored under controlled temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius. The factory therefore has special freezers that maintain constant temperatures. As any disruption to the maintenance of these temperatures would severely impact production, the company decided to install a system that would ensure a constant electrical supply.

“Ensuring a constant power supply for the freezers would ensure the availability of raw materials,” says Matías Savoca, FAdeA’s President. “This was essential to avoid economic losses.”

Getting the best equipment

To get the equipment that would best ensure the constant power supply, the Argentinian company considered several factors.

“The products needed to technically comply with our needs,” says Savoca. “The supplier needed to be able to provide logistical support for installation and maintenance. And obviously the price needed to be reasonable and the product come from a recognised brand that assured us of high quality.”

The Scania engines met all these requirements.

“We are providing an excellent product. Our people have to be the best, our processes have to be the best and the equipment we use must be the best,” says Savoca.