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Making the most out of the possibilities

Charting her own course

From trainee to Group Manager to elite rower, Karin Rådström’s career path is a great example of the possibilities on offer at Scania. Her latest stop has taken her all the way to Kenya.

Karin Rådström’s career at Scania began when she joined the company in Sweden via the Graduate Trainee Programme. Even after the first interview, she knew that this was the company for her, with Scania’s open and positive culture the deciding factor.

Rådström says participating in the trainee programme taught her a great deal about the company and helped her to develop a broad range of contacts. “I still make use of the things that I learnt back then,” she says. “For example, I accompanied a driver for 10 days and slept in the truck. Having had that experience makes it easier for me to now relate to our customers and to their drivers.”

Following her traineeship, Rådström started work within Product Information, supplying critical information to truck bodybuilders. She was soon promoted to Group Manager but went down to half time when she was selected for Sweden’s national rowing team.

Time for a change

After competing, Rådström returned to the role of Head of Connected Services, where she stayed until she felt it was time for a change. She then moved to Kenya to become head of Marketing Communications and Pre-Sales.

Rådström says having good relationships with her bosses and being able to turn to contacts for help have made her varied career path possible.

“I had a good boss who asked me what I wanted to do two jobs ahead of this one,” she says. “I answered that I didn’t really know. Then he looked at me firmly and said, ‘Karin, if you tell me what you want to do, it will be so much easier for me to help you.’ That was the best career advice I ever got.”