C018 - Teasers

Cross-sell modules used to tease content and link out to other areas of the site.

Image ratios and renditions
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A variation of this component is listed below.

Variation 18-1 - Two Cards

Two-card teaser to link out to key areas (e.g.. Information about Products & Services, deep diving into detail page from landing, or linking to editorial content from Experience Scania).

Image ratio is 16:9

Variation 18-2 - Icons

Cross-sell services module. In this example, the module's icon represents services that add up to a Total Solution.

Image ratio is 4:3


Tailored for you

Based around your area of industry and application, our tailored made packages are moulded around your needs.

Variation 18-3 - Big Card

Use of a large image and prominent head commands attention. This module is best used to promote a priority product or a key set of benefits of a product (awareness). Indented copy entices and CTA leads to more details (consideration) -- as a download or to other site areas/sites.

Image ratio is 16:9.

You deserve attention

Distinct. Dynamic. Sharper than ever

Distinct, dynamic and sharper than ever, +46761805566 the new Scania R- series sets a new standard in long-haulage truck design and technology. Its articulated lines make a powerful, head-turning appearance wherever they go. Driving a Scania, you deserve the attention.

Discover the R-Series

Variation 18-4 - Three Image Composition

Highlights key benefits of product and leads audiences to find out more about these (e.g. fuel economy, uptime). Good for linking to editorial content.

Image ratios:
- 4:3 for small square.
- 1:1 for large square

Clenaer cities with euro 6 ethanol engline

Potentially saving 90% carbon emissions, Scania’s latest Euro 6 ethanol engine for trucks brings with it more than 30 years’ experience of ethanol R&D.

Learn more

money- saving engine design

Inline 9-, 13- or 16-litre V8 engines share cylinder design that simplifies repairs and parts supply delivering savings to customers.

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cleanest industrial engines yet

Stage IV/Tier 4f engine platform is uniquely flexible, of unparalleled quality and delivers cleaner engines with fewer parts.

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Variation 18-5 - SUSTAINABILITY

Promotion for feature stories. Takes a magazine style approach to the headline and teasers. A variation of this layout (CO18-7) is also available with a "full-bleed" style image called "Variation 7 - Story Full Width".

Image ratio is 1:1.


By leveraging customer profitability as our starting point, we want to be the leading provider of sustainable transport. This means integrating sustainability fully into the business and working with others to tackle impacts, transform our industry and create lasting value. 

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Variation 18-6 - Accessories

Variation of the two-card teaser that links out to four secondary areas. Available in single CTA or individual CTAs for each item. It can also be stacked in rows to work as a non-dynamic listing. 

Image ratio is 1:1.


Take a seat and feel the difference. Notice how everything is in view and within easy reach. Try out the controls and experience the distinct, intuitive feedback in your fingertips.


From sleek stainless- steel hubcaps to a leather steering wheel that fits naturally under your grip. Whatever personal touches you choose, even the smallest details demand recognition.


Enhancing your truck with wind-sculpting air-deflectors improves fuel efficiency, taking our strengths to another level. Looking good never made so much sense!


Whether it’s a more durable fabric, or simply the right bedding for a great night’s sleep, your track can be tailored to help you work more effectively and in ultimate comfort.


In an ever-changing environment where the unpredictable is common, Scania is dedicated to maximising safety by offering accessories that shield you from forces beyond your control.

Variation 18-7 - Story "Full Width"

Promotion for feature stories. Takes a magazine style approach to the headline and teasers. A variation of this layout (CO18-5) is also available with the option of different image size (i.e.half- fills module).

Image ratio is 2:1.


Variation 18-8 - Uptime

The images are animated to slide in as they come into view, whilst the statistics animate as increasing counter until the number entered is reached. This module is aimed at providing tangible proof points for claims by Scania for its engineering commercial contribution i.e. ROI.

Image ratio is 4:3.


As a leading manufacturer of heavy vehicles we fully understand the conditions of transportation as a business. We know exactly how much an unscheduled stop can cost. Not just in money, but in the confidence of your customers.


(vehicles on the road have achieved maximum uptime this year$$)


Planned inspections each year

Variation 18-9 - Copy and CTA

This module is used under the hero (C012) as a page standfirst. Use it only where the following module does not have a head.

No image used.

The building blocks

Your truck is your partner. That’s why it’s paramount for us that you have access to all the engine power you need, when you need it. The new Scania R-Series comes packed with power, in true Scania style.

Configure your network

Variation 18-10 - THREE ICON COLUMN

Rapidly communicates benefits of tangible text proof points. Maximum of three columns.

Image ratio is 1:1

Worldwide warranty

Our warranty follows you wherever you go.

Rapid global delivery

Get the parts you need, globally, within 24 hours.

3 boxes column

New parts, old parts, we stock it all.

Variation 18-11 - FOUR Boxes

Rapidly communicates benefits of tangible number-based / statistical proof points.

No image used.

20, 000


15, 000






Variation 18-12 - 2-12 configurable images

Image+text in a grid with a optional CTA. can be 2-12 items.

1:1 images used


Configure images, CTA and text. Preferable not white images since text is also white.