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Engine solutions Provider


Every business has different needs, specific to the type of service it offers. We specialize in delivering customized solutions that drive your success, no matter what industry or application.

Industrial Segments

There is a Scania industrial engine for every job. With three engine sizes and with power ratings ranging from 275 to 770 hp, the global engine platform from Scania meets every existing and foreseeable emission legislation, and brings you maximum freedom of choice.


Any construction site you look at will have the sturdiest engines for the toughest conditions


Harvesting, plowing or spraying, Scania has the right engine solution.

Material Processing

Hydraulic or electrical application - there is always a Scania engine with massive torque to drive it.


Arctic cold or desert heat. Scania's engines deliver power on both land and sea.

Material Handling

Time spent in harbors is getting shorter and shorter. Times for loading and discharge are coming under more and pressure, and the demands on material handling are becoming ever tougher.

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Marine Segments

Pilot boat or SAR vessel? Fishing boat or river barge? Whatever your need, there’s a Scania Marine Solution ready to exceed your expectations regarding performance, reliability and operating economy. Power at Work, every inch of the way.


Combat vessels, abulance boats and patrol crafts are just some examples of the homes for Scania's engines

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