First impressions count for leading Lancashire-based manufacturer

Long term customer J & J Ormerod Plc has ordered 4 next gen vehicles so their drivers can have the most prestigious truck on the market.

J & J Ormerod Plc (JJO) are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture. Based in a 1.1m sq. ft facility in Bacup, Lancashire, they distribute their furniture to a network of independent retailers across the UK and have recently experienced their best financial performance in their 140 year history.

With a fleet of 32 trucks – 29 of which are Scanias – made up of both tractor units and rigids, the team at JJO make sure that their high quality furniture is distributed to customers from Cornwall up to Inverness.

JJO’s relationship with Scania is a long and established one of over 30 years. They were one of the first companies in the UK to request the Opticruise gearbox to be specified on their rigid Scania trucks in the1990s. Director and Co-Owner, Lee Greenhalgh has visited the Scania factory in Södertälje on a number of occasions, including for the launch of the 4 series and also the launch of the Next Generation Scania most recently in September 2016.

After the Next Generation truck launch, Lee arrived back in the UK and placed an order for four of the latest trucks; three R Series and one flagship S Series which are joining their fleet in the unmissable yellow and black colours.

Lee Greenhalgh said, “I went to Sweden expecting the Next Generation Scania launch to impress… and it did. I’d seen pictures and advertisements beforehand, but in person the quality of the cab was like nothing I’d seen before.

Our drivers have excellent relationships with our customers and it’s important that they give the best impression. Having a next generation Scania will do that. I’m not buying the Next Generation Scania to be one of the first to have them, I buying them so that my drivers have the most prestigious truck to do their job in.”

Aside from keeping his drivers happy, Lee was also impressed with the improvements in fuel economy that the Next Generation truck promised, “Sustainability is hugely important to our business. We want to buy the most efficient trucks on the market and the next generation Scania has made huge leaps forward with aerodynamics and engine efficiency.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the results when we get these trucks on the road.

Our drivers have already taken to social media and can’t wait to get behind the wheel. I’m looking forward to hearing what they’ve got to say in the coming weeks.”

For more information on the next generation Scania contact our sales team.