With the new truck generation ­Scania ­introduces several useful connected ­services. Building on its innovative data platform and high-speed communicator, Scania initially releases two services that will simplify work on the road for drivers.

Remote Heater Control is a long awaited service for harsh winters. Instead of starting the workday with mittens when entering a chilly cab, drivers can look forward to comfortable temperatures from the outset. Thanks to the app available for iOS and Android, ­drivers can remotely set the desired climate well in advance from their mobile phones. In anticipation of a cold spell, the driver and the transport operator can remotely access, ­control and programme heaters in needed trucks. Fleet owners can easily start heaters in all their vehicles from the Scania Fleet Management Portal.

Messaging, Address Book and Routes will facilitate communication between the driver, the transporter and the customer. With the Scania Fleet Management app ­connected to the new audio system touch screen display, information from the transport operator’s dispatch systems can be instantly transmitted to the driver as a chat. The transport planner can send loading and delivery location details. As these are sent, the optimal route is calculated by the onboard navigation system and displayed with the estimated time of arrival. The latter can then be conveyed to the customer.

“Thanks to the integration of Scania’s C300 communicator with the media and climate systems, we have a host of new highly functional applications in the pipeline that will make owning and driving Scania trucks even more ­attractive,” says Mikael Stavaeus, Project Manager for ­Product Integrated Services.