Proud to haul British produce


Proud to haul British produce

Farming is integral to the lives of these hauliers

It’s thanks to hauliers that farmer’s products make it to their final destinations and onto the nation’s tables. Our customers Rowell’s Transport and Grays Farms are a prime example of two hauliers sixty miles apart but united in their respect for the UK’s agricultural sector and output.

Trevor Rowell, Rowell’s Transport:

Delivering quality British crops around the country is the driving force, quite literally, of family business Rowell’s Transport, who have been operating for over thirty years out of the heart of Cambridgeshire.

Rowell’s work closely with local farmers every day hauling predominantly grains such as wheat, barley and oilseed rape. A typical day will see their fleet transporting anywhere up to 70 loads a day around East Anglia.

Rowell's Transport

“We rely on farmers –if it weren’t for them choosing us to load for them we wouldn’t be able to play our part in the industry”, said owner Trevor Rowell. “We’ve built relationships with so many farmers over the past thirty years. Certain farmers will often request us, as we provide a good service and they appreciate it.”

Trevor also noted the close-knit nature of the farming community in the fens “it’s a family affair that you really don’t see to such an extent anywhere else! Everyone is involved, especially in small holdings.”

Rowell’s are behind Back British Farming Day. “We should definitely be buying British produce” comments Trevor, “especially here in the fens where we have so many delicious carrots. Then in Lincolnshire you’ve got great Brussels and potatoes. Supporting home grown is in my family - my brother in law is actually one of the UK’s biggest leek growers. Whenever I’m in the supermarket I like to see who they’re supplying, whether it’s someone we know.”

Although self-sufficiency is on a downward trend, Trevor explained that we shouldn’t underestimate the many exciting and positive developments happening in the industry, such as updated equipment.

“Efficiency in transporting has improved no end in the past 20 years”, said Trevor, “we can be in and out of a farm in minutes - the other day I timed it and it took nine minutes to load up and get on the road. Twenty years ago that would’ve taken an hour and a half easily, but it’s thanks to new equipment like teleporters in place of grain silos that means turnaround is getting quicker and quicker. Farming is a huge part of our lives and will continue to be for my family.”

Stuart Gray, Grays Farms

Grays are a third generation farmers, having started operations in 1955. Based in Colchester, Essex, Grays not only cultivate crops such as wheat, rape and barley but also cover the breadth of the country and beyond with their low loader transport and haulage services.

“Farming is everything to us” explained Director Stuart Gray, “but we decided we wanted to expand the business, and the lorries enabled us to do that.

“Our Scania’s are tasked with a range of jobs – tanker work, bulk tipper work, low loading. We go all over the place – around Europe into Germany, Holland, France, and the Scania fits in well for us.”

“Supporting British food and British farms would without a shadow of a doubt make a massive difference to self-sufficiency” Stuart added, “red tractor assurance is critical in the UK; it ensures that farmers are producing to a welfare standard.”

The family’s passion for farming and agricultural haulage will almost certainly be carried down into the next generation by his daughter. “I’d like to think that my daughter will take on the business one day. She really loves the trucks – although she’s only eight at the moment I’m hoping that one day she will get her licence so she can drive around the farm and tell the boys what to do.”

Grays tanker trailer