V8’s through the decades 

David Donaldson of ITS Transport’s admiration for the V8 began as a young technician. 

Looking at ITS Transport’s collection of V8’s is a treat for the eyes. From their reconditioned vintage 143 right up to an 18-reg S580, the history and beauty of the Scania V8 in its various iterations is clear to see. 

ITS Transport is a Northamptonshire-based general haulage business, with a fleet of tractor units to suit a breadth of transport requirements. Originally set up by Pete Donaldson in 1979 (pictured below), today the business is run by his son Dave, who began his automotive career at Derek Jones Commercials (now TruckEast) in 1988 - where his interest in the V8 was ignited.      


“I was working as an apprentice, and as time went on I was able to work on, and eventually help rebuild V8’s. I loved it,” he expressed.

Now running his own company, Dave’s passion for the V8 has only grown since, as evidenced by his collection of three - a 1995 143M 450, 2008 R500 Topline, and most recently their S580 Sleeper Highline. 

“The M-reg is mine; we’ve recently had it completely renovated with the help of the TruckEast parts and bodyshop teams. They did a stellar job.  It’s about 25 years old, and I still love driving it.”

Their S580, which made its road debut in July 2018, was also custom-finished in their spectacular green, and fitted with Kelsa light bars. As you can see, some final homely touches have since been added by the driver, including decorative tassels inside the cab.

“Our drivers take a lot of pride in their V8’s, driving one is something to aspire to”, Dave explained, “there’s a sign reading ‘no shoes’, and the driver’s serious!”, he added, “even I’m not allowed to go in with shoes on!”

David Donaldson

ITS Transport

Combine the S580’s ergonomic dash layout with the S cab’s unique flat floor, considerable storage space, and capacity for an extendable mattress of up to 1,000mm, and you’ve got the ultimate luxe experience for your driver. This is especially useful when drivers are using the cab not only as a working environment but equally as downtime space when making overnight runs, which this vehicle does.

“The V8 is the driver’s truck, the best truck in the world, simple as that. I have the equivalent across the brands – Mercedes, Daf, Volvo, and my Scania is the best. I’d never sell them on; these trucks will always stay in the business, or for personal use.”