The importance of winter washing for your truck 

Be proactive with vehicle care as we head into the colder months.  

Is your truck sparkling clean, or could it do with some TLC?  With the fast pace of daily life it can be easy to neglect regular washes - but as temperatures drop, making them a priority will be crucial to the longevity of your vehicle’s paintwork and overall condition.

It’s no secret that road conditions harshen in the winter, and with that brings the need for road salt and other de-icing chemicals, which are extremely corrosive. If left on the undercarriage of your vehicle for an extended period of time, wear is inevitable. And of course, the longer they remain, the more damage they’ll do.

But surely it’s counterproductive to have my truck washed if it’s only going to get dirty again when it goes back out on the road? Actually that’s not the case, because a thorough wash will remove the existing layers of salt, dirt and grime that can eat away at exposed metal and cause rusting. Without sounding too dramatic, rust is paintwork’s worst nightmare, so proactive action now means that you won’t have to be reactive later down the line. 

From a servicing perspective, a clean vehicle also means that any other issues, for example cracks to a part, would be easier for a technician to notice as the truck’s components aren’t caked under a layer of grime, or worse hidden by rust. At TruckEast you can always expect a thorough steam clean before your pre-MOT inspection.

Even if it isn’t particularly icy, having your truck washed to get rid of general dirt and debris from the road will prevent any materials from becoming attached to your trucks components and affecting their performance.

Taking pride in your vehicle always reflects well on your business, and its reputation on the road. A clean and well-maintained truck speaks for itself; indicating that your operation is meticulous and professional from top to bottom.  

So, if you think your vehicle is due a wash, pop in to one of our on-site truck washes. Across our branches we offer a range of services; from automated brush washes to hand and jet washes, to the MOT steam clean with full chassis axle wash to get your vehicle inspection-ready. Speak to your local branch’s service team for advice on which would best suit your needs.