Scania is best in class for BBA Shipping and Transport


Scania is Best in class for BBA Shipping & Transport

The first-ever Scania to adorn the distinctive red and white livery of one of Europe’s leading equestrian shipping agencies, BBA’s new flagship is now a regular spot on the Newmarket scene.

Specialising in international horse shipping, Newmarket based BBA Shipping and Transport opted for Scania thanks to its brand image and lifetime values.

Supplied by local dealer, TruckEast, the new build horsebox is built on a Scania G410 6x2*4 rear steer chassis, complete with a 13-litre six-cylinder 410bhp engine that delivers 2,150Nm torque. The body meanwhile is a nine-stall ‘racehorse’, manufactured and installed by Oakley coachbuilders in Hertfordshire.

With a long line of heritage, BBA has one of the oldest historical provenances in the industry. Founded in 1911, it grew out of the British Bloodstock Agency where originally the road haulage was simply a supplement to the core business of flying horses. But overtime demand has increased and the road haulage operation has expanded as its own unit which currently has 10 trucks on the fleet.

Delivering luxury for both the drivers and ‘passengers’ the combination of the Oakley and Scania are set to be the perfect match for BBA who for a long time have operated different marques. Transporting high-end breeding stock, it is crucial that the animals are moved with the highest possible standards. So when it came to the latest acquisition the need for a premium product put Scania firmly on the scene.

“When we were looking at options we knew the upfront cost was higher, but we believe it is that for a reason. For the length of service our horseboxes run, the lifetime value of Scania worked out better for us. We needed a truck that delivers our requirements but above all, we want one that is reliable, with the back-up and service behind us,” states Managing Director, Kevin Needham.

The new horsebox is expected to average around 100,000kms per year, operating mostly on five day runs between France and Ireland. With a high number of days out on the road, choosing a brand synonymous with the highest levels of quality was important. For BBA this includes the vehicle build, performance on the road, and safety for the stock. Having a smooth and relaxing environment for the horses as well as a great drive for the crew is one key aspect for consideration. And the 44 tonner has just that, with Scania’s 2-pedal opticruise transmission, it maximises performance through faster gear changes thanks to the introduction of the layshaft brake in the newer models.

Inside, the day cab provides an excellent working environment with productivity and comfort second to none. The driving position offers greater visibility and the ergonomic layout of the dash mean everything is accessible with ease. The Oakley build also includes a living unit meaning the double crew have a place to escape and rest when away from home.

“When it comes to horseboxes, we’re very fussy on the options in the body, but the chassis – well that’s not our expertise. We were completely guided by TruckEast’s Area Sales Manager, Richard Feast – he talked us through the whole process and with every suggestion we knew he was right,” comments Kevin.

“We asked the drivers for their input but it really came down to Richard taking the time to understand our operation. The end result is fantastic and we are so pleased with it - a different class altogether and our thoroughbred of the fleet,” he concludes.

The horsebox is on a 7-year repair and maintenance contract where all servicing and repairs will take place at TruckEast’s Thetford branch.