Suffolk Day


Suffolk Day - 10 reasons why we love Suffolk

This weekend, the very fortunate people living in the beautiful and historic county of Suffolk will be celebrating their third ever Suffolk Day. Starting on Friday 21st June, the longest day of the year, a whole array of events, from flower shows to music festivals and more, are taking place as part of the Suffolk Day Big Weekender.

Suffolk is known for its varied landscapes and breath-taking natural beauty; it’s where you can find the beautiful beaches of Aldeburgh and Lowestoft, and bustling towns like Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds. If that wasn’t enough, it’s the birthplace of Harry Potter!

 Here’s a few more cool facts about the county that you might not know:

·        Suffolk has its own breed of horse called ‘The Suffolk Punch’

·        It’s home to Britain’s smallest pub

·        Suffolk is the furthest East you can go in the UK

·        West Suffolk is renowned for Archaeological finds from The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age

We’re extremely proud to have two branches in Suffolk; Felixstowe and Stowmarket, and of our brilliant staff that make them a success. We recently asked a few of the team why they enjoy living in this part of the country:

1)      “Suffolk as a whole is just a beautiful county, it’s green and peaceful – you can’t knock it. So many people come up here from London and love it.”

        Nigel Waspe, Stowmarket


2)     “We’ve got a great countryside and a wonderful coast.”

        Jane Monger, Stowmarket


3)     “I’d say the relaxed pace of life.”

        Grant Bryant, Felixstowe


4)     “I’ve lived here pretty much all my life. One of my top recommendations is Bury St Edmunds which has a lovely cathedral, and there’s the Abbey Gardens of course.”

        Colin Dee, Felixstowe


5)     “I’ve recently moved here, and I have to say that’s it’s definitely calmer compared to my hometown of Essex. I like the fact that people seem to have more time to stop and have a chat.”

        Dani Baker, Felixstowe


6)     “It’s nice and quiet, and there’s lots of green scenery.”

        Jo Murrell, Stowmarket


7)     “I’m a farmer’s daughter; I’ve lived in Suffolk all my life. We do have some funny local phrases, like ‘rummin” which means strange, “Sloighty on th’ huh!” meaning not level, and “Hold yew Hard” which is wait.”

        Julia Pleasance, Stowmarket


8)     “People make time for each other in Suffolk.”

        Martyn Clipston


9)     “There are lots of nice idyllic villages, Clare, Lavenham, and you have Constable Country which is particularly beautiful.”

        Chris Woodward, Stowmarket


10)  “I think it’s calmer here, and when your office is near the beach that ticks a lot of boxes!”

        Tina Calver, Felixstowe