Team TruckEast take on Three Peaks Challenge and reach £5,000 fundraising target in support of SENSE charity

Volunteers from across our branches joined together to ascent the UK’s highest mountains in only 24 hours.

To climb the UK’s three highest mountain peaks in one go is in itself a formidable challenge. To attempt it in 24 hours? Well, some might say you were crazy. But just over a fortnight ago, an inspiring (and active) team of TruckEast members laced up their walking boots after months of training in readiness for what would be a weekend to remember! The team of 16 hailed from across our branches, united by the aim to raise £5,000 for SENSE – a charity dedicated to helping those with complex disabilities to communicate and experience the world. We recently caught up with some of the participants to see how they fared.

How was it?

Sam Biggin: “It was challenging but really good. We’re so proud to have raised over £5,000 for such a brilliant cause.”

Tina Calver: “I’m feeling surprisingly alright! It was amazing to see everyone supporting each other, especially considering that some of us didn’t know each other beforehand.”

Ed Avery said: “There was such a team atmosphere, and brilliant to see people of all different abilities pulling together. I also just want to say how grateful we are to the drivers, as if it wasn’t for them we couldn’t have done it. Their challenge was as big as ours - driving through the night in shifts and waiting for us between locations.”

Andy Ayears: “It was fantastic to do the challenge as a TruckEast Team.”

What was your personal highlight of the challenge?

Tina Calver: “Getting to the top of Ben Nevis, especially as I hadn’t climbed that one before. The views were fantastic - it was strange to be in the sun one minute and then as you reach the peak it’s suddenly cold and snowy.”

Sam Biggin: “I’d probably say completing it within the 24 hour target we set - 23 hrs ten minutes.”

Ed Avery: “Getting to the top of Scarfell in 2.5 hrs. That was the toughest - it was like running up a pile of bricks, but we pushed at it and it was an amazing feeling to reach the top as the sun was rising. Coming down was very painful though – lots of people were struggling with swollen knees.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking of attempting the Three Peaks Challenge?

Tina Calver: “Next time I’d do more training – I thought I was quite fit going into it! Working on your stamina is important.”

Andy Ayears: “Practice makes perfect, do lots of walking, probably a trial run. If I were to do it again I would prepare with more endurance training too.”

Sam Biggin: “Agreed - training is everything. Try and go for a practice run and then you’ll know whether you’re fit enough to attempt it.”

If you’d like to make a donation to SENSE you can do so through the team’s JustGiving page here.