Guide to ULEZ When Buying Used

With rules on low emission zones tightening, it’s important to understand how this can affect your decision when buying your next truck – especially if operating in and out of London.

The ultra low emission zone (ULEZ) will be introduced in central London on 6th April and will require all trucks to be a minimum of Euro VI or face a substantial fine. It will replace the T-charge and operate 24/7. The scheme, developed to improve air quality, will help the UK meet its aim to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2025. The ULEZ will be expanded to include both north and south circular roads by October 2020, so will be almost unavoidable if working in Greater London.

When driving in the ULEZ, trucks not meeting Euro IV will be charged an extra £100 per day. This will be on top of the existing low emission zone charge of £300 for Euro III and below, or £100 for Euro IV. So, the only way to avoid all charges apart from the congestion charge is to buy a Euro VI vehicle; and this may not be as expensive as you think.

“Euro VI vehicles have been around for five years, and right now there’s more demand for them than ever. Businesses are more conscious of the impact they are having on the environment and don’t want to face hefty fines,” says Shane Wareing, General Manager Used Sales. Buying Euro VI doesn’t mean you have to purchase a brand new vehicle; we have plenty of used Scanias available that will meet the requirements. It could be a purchase that actually ends up saving you money overall, since the fuel consumption will be lower and you will save on fines in various clean air zones. Even better, as a business you’ll be doing you part to help work towards a more sustainable future.

 Even if you have a specification you like your vehicles to feature, we have a continuous stream of stock arriving so there’s a great chance we’ll find one to fit the bill. Check out the vehicles we have in stock, and if there are any you’d like some more information about just get in touch.

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