Scania is part of Europe’s first long haul electric truck trials

Scania is participating in a cutting-edge, electrified trucking project. Together with Siemens, they will conduct the first long haul electric truck trials, with the hybrid truck being hooked up to electric rails above in the hope of significantly reducing emissions.

The project, co-financed by the German Government, involves Scania and Siemens developing an electrified system to support long-haul routes for commercial truck operations. Scania's role in the German ehighways project is an important one as they will provide a total of two electric hybrid prototype units. The first truck features one battery with a capacity of 15 kWh, while the second unit is equipped with larger battery packs.

"Scania will enter this new project with all our experience from the Swedish project," explained Christer Thorén, Project Manager for electric road technology at Scania.

"In the German project, the most important research areas will be to analyze and optimize the powertrain concept, energy management, the hybrid transmission, battery ageing and the next generation cooling system."

The electric trucks will be charged by overhead lines, via a pantograph power collector developed by Siemens. When the prototype trucks are connected to the overhead lines, the system will charge the batteries. This allows hauliers to save time and increase productivity, without the need to stop at a charging station.

New designs and upgrades have made pantographs highly efficient. Lightweight, low-noise and weatherproof features ensure protection from bad weather and rough, outdoor environments. This helps decrease frequent maintenance tasks associated with the system.

"For long-haulage transport, Scania sees electric roads as one promising technology for a sustainable transport future," said Claes Erixon, Executive Vice President Research and Development at Scania.

"Vehicle electrification is developing quickly and with its environmental, social and cost benefits, it will play an important role in the shift to a fossil-free transport system." 

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