Norfolk Day – 10 reasons we love Norfolk

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to spend some time in Norfolk, then the following won’t come as a surprise.

With 90 miles of unspoiled coastline, beautiful countryside and a county filled with tradition it’s easy to see why the folks of Norfolk are so proud of the place that they call home.

This year, 27th July marks a special day where businesses, communities, and locals unite to celebrate everything that makes Norfolk special! Close to 300 known events are being held across the county, ranging from music festivals, to the launch of special themed products or even a Norfolk only menu at a local restaurant. It’s a chance to recognise the success stories of today as well as the exciting developments of the future.

As a Scania main dealer with three branches in Norfolk we wanted to take a chance to touch on our industry and the key part it plays in Norfolk’s economy and day-to-day life.

A 2017 study by the ONS showed the Transport and Logistics sector employs just over 20,000 people in Norfolk, but when you factor in all the other industries that involve HGVs alone we’re looking at a much higher figure. It’s an area where business work around the clock to ensure consumers have everything they need. It creates a network, not just in Norfolk but throughout the UK. Quite simply, it’s a sector that keeps Britain moving and one in which we are proud to play our part.

In the week leading up to Norfolk day, our Thetford, Kings Lynn and Norwich branches have been giving out mini valet kits to visiting customers to show their pride in their trucks and their industry – show pride in Norfolk.

But what is it that makes Norfolk so great, here’s a small selection of answers we’ve gathered from our staff…

1) The broads – it may be an obvious answer, but have you been? 125 miles of lock free waterways set in stunning countryside, picturesque towns and villages and filled with wildlife. It’s definitely one for your list.

2) Norfolk people! They are always friendly, they are genuinely kind and want to help out 

Ros Crowe, Norwich 

3) I love a fish finger sandwich and they were invented in Great Yarmouth – a real Norfolk delicacy and a favourite of the nation

Terri Smalls, Kings Lynn

4) The coast – you are never far from the beach, whether it’s the hustle and bustle or a quiet escape, Norfolks got it

Alistair Baldwin, Norwich

5) It’s just bootiful

6) The accent, very few people outside of Norfolk can get it. Oh and keep a look out for the Bishy-barnabees.

7) The history, did you know that two of history’s greatest naval officers were born in Norfolk – Horatio Nelson and George Vancouver

Shaun Reeve, Kings Lynn

8) There’s so much that people don’t know about Norfolk, for example they have wind turbines so advanced that a single revolution can power a UK home everyday


9) The wildlife – its part of your everyday. For example you’ll get deer just wander into your garden.

Hollie-Ann Everitt, Thetford

10)  The attitude and way of life – keep yew a troshin ’