Should my trailer have an MOT?

Changes to MOT regulation came into effect back in May; all trailers should now have an annual MOT test to ensure they are roadworthy.

Included under the term ‘trailer’ are all semi-trailers, A-frame trailers and converter dollies manufactured on or after 1 January 1979 and trailers with an unladed weight of more than 1,020kg with powered braking systems. So it is more than likely the trailer you operate will need to be tested.

Trailers should receive their first test one year after they were first purchased, and then annually from this point. So if you haven’t already, ensure you contact your local TruckEast dealer to schedule a test or set a reminder to keep your trailer compliant.

To be tested, the trailer should be appropriately loaded. If you have any questions, get in touch with your local dealer who will be happy to help.