Sustainability at TruckEast

At TruckEast we try our best to contribute towards a healthier planet and work towards more sustainable transport solutions.

There are many steps we can all take to reduce negative impacts on the environment; from the little things such as reducing paper usage in offices to opting for more efficient fuels and vehicles – it all makes a difference.

Our recycled parts centre in Stowmarket is dedicated to minimising waste, especially any plastic that could end up causing plastic pollution. Instead of old truck parts ending up in landfill , we recondition, clean and quality check them before selling them on to a new owner. We can even recondition engines and gearboxes - the broken or aged part is collected, refurbished and refitted to your truck completely hassle free . Not only do these services help the environment, but they can end up helping you too as recycled parts cost 80% less than when new.

Green Truck Award

Recently, Scania won the green truck award highlighting the low fuel consumption and reduced CO2 effects of the R450 – helping to keep costs and environmental impacts as low as possible for all owners. 

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It’s not only the product itself that can contribute to sustainable transport, but how it is driven and maintained. We analyse data from your trucks and look at the specific application, weight of the load, roads and typography of routes. From this information, we create a tailored maintenance plan so that the truck is always optimised to work perfectly for your operation and wear and tear is minimal. The same analysis can also be used by our experienced driver trainers; they work with your employees to ensure they are driving efficiently. This alone can deliver a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 10% - keeping your costs low.

These are only a few of the steps we take to contribute to a healthier planet, but if we all do the same we could end up reducing the rate of global warming.