The DVSA’s Earned Recognition Scheme – Guidance for Operators

The DVSA’s Earned Recognition pilot scheme is due to be launched in the spring and will give operators the chance to be exempt from random roadside checks.

Quoted on the Commercial Fleet website, Philip Lapczuk, the DVSA’s Earned Recognition Project Manager, said the DVSA wanted to work with ER operators to address any issues, rather than take enforcement action:  “Our expectation is that you will contact us if something is going wrong,” he said.  “It’s up to you to call us and let us know what you’ve done to rectify it.”

 R2c Online has made a video about the scheme to clarify how it will work, in the video Philip Lapczuk explains the benefits of taking part, the KPIs operators will need to achieve and how the DVSA regards the future of digital compliance. Check out the full video here.

R2c Online’s MD Nick Walls added:  “Years of investment and consideration have been put into making Earned Recognition a reality and we have designed proven and robust technology to underpin any operator’s transition.  We see it as the first big step in a major industry transition to digital compliance.  Working closely with the DVSA, the FTA and our established customer base, over the last ten years we’ve created a best practice solution that makes it as simple as possible for fleet operators to gain Earned Recognition status.”

The deadline for applications to take part in the pilot scheme pilot is February 28, and application forms are available via remote.compliance@vosa.gsi.gov.uk.