When looking at the next generation Scania S-Series the package really stacks up for one of the UK’s leading primary supply chain specialists, Bretts Transport Limited.

A nationally recognised name, Bretts Transport specialises in the delivery of ambient goods into the retail, food service and manufacturing sectors. With roots stretching back 85 years, it remains a family run business, now headed up by its third generation owner, Simon Brett. Priding themselves on delivering flexible and bespoke solutions to their customer base, they are reliant on their dedicated fleet of ninety vehicles to stay ahead.

Currently operating mixed marques, Bretts are constantly reviewing the total package when it comes to their fleet and firmly decided to choose Scania for their latest order. Returning to Peterborough based, TruckEast Limited,  Bretts recently took delivery of four next generation Scania S 450 6x2/2 Highlines; taking the fleet to over ninety percent Scania. The new 44-tonners are powered by Scania’s economical 6-cylinder, 13-litre engine, delivering 450hp with an uncompromising strength of 2350Nm torque and featuring full SCR technology.

Having previously operated R-Series, Bretts Transport decided to take a step up into the spacious S-Series with their latest trucks. As with many hauliers, driver acceptance is increasingly a factor on the table when it comes to choosing their fleet and for Bretts Transport it’s now part of a staff retention strategy. 

Managing Director, Simon Brett explains, “Our drivers are vital to our business and without having the best out on the road, we don’t have a business. At Bretts, we know our drivers work really hard for us and we ask a lot of them. In return, we want to offer them one of the best vehicles on the market.” 

Covering 145,000kms per year, the trucks operate nationally and can run anywhere from Devon to Inverness. With drivers stopping overnight in the vehicles, they act as a real home away from home, so having an environment that makes for both a productive and rewarding day is ever more important. The new S-Series Highline offers maximised space, luxury comfort and an enhanced work environment, thanks to the additional interior height, full flat-floor, storage facilities and ergonomic dashboard. 

“We already know our drivers like the Scania product, but this time we can offer a higher specification for our latest units - a premium heated driver’s seat, electric roof hatch, additional storage both inside and out, an uprated media system, a bigger bed, fridge, microwave, the list goes on. We really wanted to provide a working environment that was both spacious and enjoyable to be in. A truck that our drivers would take pride in,” he continues.

The Scania product has always been up there as one of the best in terms of performance and economy for Bretts Transport, but it’s the reliability and back-up that really makes it their choice of vehicle.

Operating from their main distribution centre in Guyhirn, the new tractors will each be moving on average over 6,000 pallets a year, transporting a mixture of ambient food products and packaging. With strict delivery schedules to meet, driver acceptance was by no means the sole reason for choosing Scania.

The Scania product has always been up there as one of the best in terms of performance and economy for Bretts Transport, but it’s the reliability and back-up that really makes it their choice of vehicle. “Reliability is not so easy to quantify on paper, but when you know you can execute plans on a daily basis and your vehicles won’t let you down it gives you an assurance within your operation that is irreplaceable,” comments Simon.

“The product isn’t the only factor driving the reliability though, as an operator you don’t expect a vehicle to be forever bullet-proof, you expect the odd issue – that’s reality. But knowing your dealer will get you on the road again – quickly and efficiently, now that quality support is priceless.”

An additional five S 450’s will join Bretts’ line-up in April and as with the existing Scania fleet, the trucks will be serviced and maintained through TruckEast’s Peterborough based branch with whom it has built a long-standing relationship. Although the Wisbech based operator runs its own workshop, Bretts choose to take the vehicles on a five-year contract hire from Scania Financial Services, due to the technological advances of the trucks.

 “The complexity of the trucks today means we simply don’t have the ability to fully self-maintain in our own workshops, we need the expertise of the main dealer. Not only that but having the vehicles on repair & maintenance contracts is also convenient for those vehicles that are based off-site,” states Simon.

Since establishing in 1933, Bretts Transport’s loyal customer base has steadily grown over the years bringing them to where they are today. With the ability to deliver a flexible nationwide distribution service, as well as their on-site storage facilities holding up-to 21,000 pallets, they are now in a position with excellent customer retention and growth.