RHA calls for Land Transport Agreement

The Road Haulage Association is calling on the UK and the EU to agree a comprehensive Land Transport Agreement that will allow unfettered international road haulage for licenced UK and EU operators to continue.

The RHA's proposal is that the Land Transport Agreement will require UK and EU international operators to work with the EU and international norms in respect of international road haulage regulation.  It will allow licenced UK and EU road haulage operators to undertake unlimited international road haulage to, from and through the UK and EU Member States.

“This simple approach is not revolutionary, as similar agreements are already in place,” RHA Chief Executive Richard Burnett said.  “What this will do is provide confidence to the road haulage industry that the rules we all work to will be clear and transparent.”

The RHA says it does not believe that any proposal that allows cabotage to continue will be acceptable across the EU, and is therefore suggesting that cabotage is excluded from the Land Transport Agreement.

“We are consulting our members on this proposal and will be sharing it with partner trade bodies in Europe”, Richard Burnett continued.  “We all need a system that works well for UK, Irish, French and other EU road haulage operators.  There is plenty of time for anyone using cabotage arrangements as part of their supply chain to consider how they may have change the way work after Brexit.”