Scania’s AEB supports Saxton Haulage with commitment to safety

Since autobraking on HGV’s became a legal requirement, Norfolk based Saxton Haulage has strengthen their approach to safety.

With driver and motorist welfare being of paramount importance to the firm, when this ruling came into play in November 2015, Saxton Haulage welcomed it.

In the past year Saxton Haulage has invested in four new trucks from TruckEast, one V8 and three R450’s which have joined their existing fleet of high quality Scania tractor units. Each truck is fitted with an advanced emergency braking (AEB) system in place. This helps drivers avoid accidents by issuing prompts and even taking evasive action should the need arise.

While Scania’s AEB system is based around the latest technology, drivers are still able to use their own judgement and take control of their vehicle.

Zane Saxton, Company Director of Saxton Haulage, says: “When it comes to safety, there are no short cuts to be taken. We want our drivers to feel safe behind the wheel. Likewise, we want motorists to know we are committed to our fleet being superior in terms of reliability, safety and driver training”.

Scania’s Advanced Emergency Braking system uses long-distance radar technology and a forward facing-camera to alert drivers to potential collision dangers.