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Your tachograph administration can be anything from a logistical day-to-day nuisance to a time sink for your staff. The best way for you to handle tachograph data, is to automate as much of it as possible. Because while the actual legal responsibilities can never be outsourced – you can more easily stay on top of them through continuous status reports with analysis of potential legal issues regarding infringements, delays, required calibrations as well as upcoming card and license expirations.

Features and benefits

- Monthly subscriptions - per vehicle

- Simplified automated tachograph management
- No additional hardware required
- Avoid infringements and fines
- Continuous legal analysis reports
- All your data stored remotely and securely
- Wireless, works remotely from anywhere
- Reminders via SMS and e-mail
- Compliant with Digital Tachograph and Smart Tachograph standards
- Data available through Data Access

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