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A weekly summary of core metrics from your Scania vehicles – always available in your web browser. A periodic update of vehicle data could be the first step in realizing what business value you can add by knowing more about your vehicles real-world performance, as well as an insight into just how much more information could be available at your fingertips. 

Unique data for each vehicle

"Each row represents a specific vehicle in your fleet. The vehicle’s performance is broken down into key categories, such as idling and coasting.


You can also easily compare vehicle data within the fleet, and is a valuable indicator of how your fleet is performing as well as a way of identifying deviations. Do you have a greater need for filtering or sorting data? View details on the Control Package."

Features and benefits

- Free
- Weekly updates
- Email reminders for when new reports are available
- Quick overview showing positive and negative trends
- No additional hardware is needed

Red and Green Arrows

Details matter. Speed can be one key factor. Excessive speed is costly and can indicate a need for a new driving strategy. Slowing down might even get you there faster and at the same time save you fuel and reduce wear on tyres and brakes. The red and green arrows indicate changes from the previous report. By focusing on them you can identify trends in vehicle performance without going through old reports.

Online Tools

"With the free Scania Fleet Management app you get access to the defect reporting function and your drivers can instantly report problems and supply photographs directly from the site of an incident.


With the Scania Fleet Management Portal you have online access to the Service Planning tool. The faults the drivers report through the app are accessible and the Service Manager can easily decide which actions to take.


Service planning helps you structure service appointments for vehicles in your fleet based on driving time and distance. The service specifications are sent to the workshop directly from the Scania Fleet Management Portal, significantly increasing uptime."

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