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Scania fleet management

Our Fleet Management System gives you a lot more of both information and insights than the free monitoring reports. From core necessities like real time positioning, via vehicle performance, environmental reports, service planning and defect reporting all the way to driver evaluation which helps you quickly identify potential vehicle usage improvements.


The data collected on board Scania trucks gives valuable insight into driving styles, productivity and economy. This level of tracking and diagnostics can bring significant benefits in increased uptime, improved safety and reduced operating costs.


Correct and efficient use of gears is vital for fuel economy, safety and performance; it can improve driving styles and reduce risk and costs.


By tracking drivers' braking behaviour, it's possible to teach them the driving habits that will improve safety, reduce wear on renewables and increase productivity.

Speed Control

Keeping a constant speed can significantly improve fuel economy and reduce maintenance costs. Scania's smart data collection makes this quick and easy.

Features and benefits

- Monthly subscriptions - per vehicle

- Webbased portal, available 24/7
- Realtime positioning
- Vehicle performance
- Environmental reports
- Driver Evaluation
- Driving time
- Geo-fencing
- Service planning
- Defect reporting
- Smartphone app for Android & iOS

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