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Scania Irizar i4, i6, i6s, i8


Whether you’re taking passengers on the holiday of a lifetime or you provide first rate long-distance transport, we work with you to establish fully customised coach services that offer smooth journeys to drivers and passengers alike, anywhere in the world.               

Scania Irizar 4

Whether you're taking children to school or guiding groups to the coast the Scania Irizar i4 has the comfort of a coach with the flexibility and economy to perform well in regular city traffic.     

Scania Irizar I6

A tour of english country gardens or the semi-final at Wembley? The Scania Irizar i6 is a high-end coach for private hire, rail replacement services, school trips or airport and cruise transfers.

Scania Irizar I6s

The Scania Irizar i6S is a premium coach, perfectly capable with a variety of applications- long distance, corporate charter or private hire.

Scania Irizar I8

Do you offer the holiday of a lifetime or bespoke travel for VIP customers? The Scania Irizar i8 brings luxury to long-distance road travel with a dynamic aesthetic and innovative technology. It's a true, first-class touring vehicle.

Guests Not Passengers

When your business is part of people’s experience, you can really benefit from Scania Touring's passenger pleasing features. With its powerfully sculpted exterior, it's a versatile coach, designed to meet the demands of occasional service and regular service over longer distances.

Colour Your Interior

Two attractive, standardised interior solutions are available – choose between the Classic line and the Comfort line. Each has several upholstery options as well as different colour packages.


Scania offers a well-designed ergonomic workplace. Dashboards are logical and every detail fits into a smoothly functioning whole. The highly adjustable steering wheel, together with pendant pedals, enables the driver to find the optimal position for safer and more comfortable driving.


The luggage area is adapted to fulfil different needs within occasional and regular service. In both models, parallel, pneumatically or manually controlled luggage hatches open along the side of the bus, making it easier to load and unload, even in cramped areas.


Innovation in Movement

Have the best of both worlds with unmistakeable styling on the outside and our world-class Euro 6 engine and chassis underneath. The ride is quiet, fuel efficient and it's the best way to get away.

Made From Waste

HVO is a high-quality bio-based diesel fuel that can be made from different sources – such as waste oil, rape seed oil, palm oil and animal fat.


Biodiesel is a renewable diesel fuel produced from plant oil. It’s easy to handle and can be used in most Scania diesel engines.


Diesel is still the most common choice for long distance operation, but the alternatives are gaining ground every day.

Powerful but kind

Classed as carbon-neutral when operated on sustainable fuels, the Euro 6 gas-powered engine shares componentry with its diesel counterpart, making parts supply and maintenance easier.


Exhaust gas recirculation reduces NOx levels by cooling and reusing part of the exhaust gases.


The oxidising catalyst prepares the exhaust gases for subsequent stages in the exhaust flow by balancing NO and NO2 levels.


The particulate filter removes remaining particles and soot, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxides from the exhaust gases.


Coupled to our world-class Euro 6 engine, is the latest ZF Ecolife fully automatic gearbox, with options of 5 or 6 speeds and integral retarder.

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