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From hospitals to agriculture, sea rescue to outdoor events, Scania engines are the invisible power that helps keep some of the nation's essential services running. And now they have a new name: Scania Power Solutions. But it's so much more than just a name change. Over the next few years, our engine range will expand with a commitment to more sustainable solutions. That includes alternative fuels and hybrid models. A commitment that will put Scania Power Solutions at the leading edge of the high-performance engines market.

Engineered for uptime

Scania has developed class-leading engine technologies to deliver maximum productivity - including Scania XPI fuel injection, Scania Engine Management System and the cyclone oil filter.

Outstanding operating economy

Low fuel consumption, excellent power-to-weight ratio, long service life and low maintenance costs mean you can expect outstanding operating economy from your Scania engine.

Flexible business partner

Scania is a world-leading provider of engine technologies, offering a comprehensive engine range and tailored services for the world’s most demanding OEMs and their customers.

Engineered for excellence

High performance creates high expectations. With their power and economy, service life, emission compliance and premium-quality parts, Scania high performance engines excel on all fronts.

Hyundai chooses Scania engines for their durability and reliability

Where can I buy a Scania engine?

You can buy a Scania engine from our dedicated sales team - simply fill out the form to your right or click below to contact us.

We sell high-performance engines for marine, industrial and power generation applications. And we support our engines with tailored repair and maintenance packages and quality Scania parts. Speak to us today to see how we can power your business.

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At Scania we know the cost of mechanical failure and downtime. Our flexible solutions help you maximise your uptime and meet your business goals. Our workshop services are dedicated to keeping your engines running, with round-the-clock, expert service. Contact your local branch now for assistance.

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The more we know about your business and machinery, the more effective we can tailor-make our services for you. That’s why we ask you to report the warranty start date for your new engine to ensure coverage for your accompanying Scania guarantees.

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The one and only magazine dedicated to Scania engines. Find out about the latest technology developments, and read customers’ experiences of one of the world’s most celebrated engine brands.

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David Bamber

General Manager Scania Engines - Milton Keynes

Paul Cowell

Marine Sales Manager - Milton Keynes

Mark Swindell

Genset Sales Manager - Milton Keynes

Stewart Dale

Industrial Sales Manager - Milton Keynes

Paul Smith

Senior Application Engineer - Milton Keynes


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