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Humberside Fire & Rescue takes delivery of UK’s first New Generation Scania Rescue Support Units

Two 18-tonne gross vehicle weight Scania P-series rigid trucks equipped with Emergency One Rescue Support Unit bodywork are set to join the fleet of Humberside Fire & Rescue Service in early December 2018.  As such, these will be the first two New Generation Scania trucks to enter service with a UK Fire & Rescue Service. 

“The introduction of these two new vehicles marks a major step forward in updating our fleet,” comments Ben Kelly, Group Manager – Service Support for Humberside Fire & Rescue Service. “Both units are fitted out with a range of heavy cutting gear, heavy shoring, heavy duty airbags and many other items which are not found on our regular fire appliances.  In operation, the units will play a vital role in the work of the Service by attending every rescue incident within the region to ensure our crews have specialist equipment readily to hand should it be required.” 

The bodywork fitted to the Rescue Support Units has been designed by Cumnock, Ayrshire- based Emergency One (UK) Limited.

The two New Generation vehicles are both P 320 B4x2NB models with 4,350mm wheelbases, nine-litre Scania engines and Allison MD3000 series six-speed automatic gearboxes.  Both are equipped with Scania CP17N day cabs and additional equipment includes Scania’s hill hold/ autohold electro-pneumatic handbrake, which enhances safety in operation by automatically applying the handbrake whenever the ignition is switched off, or the driver’s seatbelt is unfastened, or the driver’s door is opened. The hill hold function prevents automatic transmission creep by holding the vehicle stationary whenever it comes to a standstill until the throttle is pressed again.

Supplied by Scania (Great Britain) Limited, one unit will be based in Hull, the other in Scunthorpe, where the local Scania dealers will manage the vehicles’ inclusive two year full repair and maintenance packages.  

“These two vehicles will take our 43-strong heavy frontline fleet to 100 percent Scania,” continues Ben Kelly. “Our relationship with Scania dates back to 2003, since when they have delivered a good balance between cost, quality and longevity. We find that by investing in Scania we reap the benefits over the long term – we look to a 17-20 year in-service life for our Scania appliances.

“Furthermore, Scania won the hearts and minds of our fire crews from the moment they were introduced, as the vehicles are built-for-purpose with excellent safety features, driveability and ride quality. 

"We’re extremely excited about introducing these two trucks – our crews have been fully involved in development process and are now very much looking forward to putting them into service."

The bodywork fitted to the Rescue Support Units has been designed by Cumnock, Ayrshire- based Emergency One (UK) Limited.  Developed in partnership with Humberside Fire & Rescue Service and Scania, the units have weight-saving polypropylene superstructures, allowing for a greater amount of specialised equipment to be carried.  Inside the body’s shutters the configuration of the locker space has involved collaboration with Humberside Fire & Rescue Services’ local teams to ensure the optimal design has been achieved. 

“Furthermore, Scania won the hearts and minds of our fire crews from the moment they were introduced"

Mike Madsen, Managing Director of Emergency One (UK) Limited, comments, “It has been a fantastic team effort, and we are all delighted with the end result.  Our Design Team worked closely with all stakeholders to ensure full compliance with Humberside Fire and Rescue Service requirements, ensuring that the equipment is stowed using the latest innovative methods to meet all operational manual handling guidelines."    

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